Got the results of my ESA appeal today!!!

Got the result in this morning, they have told me i have to stay on work related ESA as they said i could be fit for work in a year or so, so they wont put me back on to support group, even though i have been told by my specialist that this will never go away. I have been feeling really low since the letter came through, i just dont have the strength anymore to Oh, included in the letter i got was a copy of the notes from my asessment, i couldnt believe it when i read it, that the majority of it was lies by the assessor. I really give up. Thanks for reading.x

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  • Oh dear I am so sorry that it wasn't the news that you were hoping for. I would urge you to put in an appeal as soon as possible and maybe get some advice and help from the CAB. or similar. It is shocking that so many folks on here have the same experience. Don't give up. This is a clear injustice and these people should not be allowed to get away with making you sound well enough to work when that is not the case. All best wishes to you. Jane x

  • Hi there jane sorry to hear your news i am waiting for my appeal.... it makes feel so mad putting people in this situation, and how many people are stressing and illnesses are getting worse.But you must appeal dont give up hun ....x

  • am sorry to hear what you are going through and know only too well how you must be feeling . This government needs to do something to sort this out , its disgusting. I went through exactly the same whereby the assesor at my medical provided a report that was false , non factual and as far as im concerned a pack of lies. I was asked direct and closed questions and when i tried to speak i was closed down , interupted and spoken over. i was so angry with the report and my anger and frustration is what i used to take this further and to an appeal. I won my appeal in january and am already having to attend another medical soon and no doubt will be put through exactly the same all over again. I actually brought up in my tribunal about the poor people who do not or are unable to speak up as not everyone is assertive , and how they get lost in the system. I told them i was going to write to parliament and the people in my tribunal agreed i should do it . Its about time that Fibromyalgia was recognised for what it is and for the government to support us all and gain awareness of the disabling symptons we suffer . My fibromyalgia specialist nurse who is working with me to help me manage the illness told me i can not return to work as even if i had a few good days its so inconsistant and with the lack of sleep which then = stress pain and fatique etc i would not manage work , id be constantly sick. Why they cant realise that i actually had a perfectly good job in nursing before this happened to me and i lost my job due to this illness , i was medically discharged . But i didnt go down without a fight , i tried my hardest but my sickness levels became so high the hospital had no alternative but to discharge me. So i have already proved i am unable to work . dwp and dla have caused me more stress and upset than i dont know what and this is stress as fibromyalgia sufferers we do not need . x

  • I am going for my medical today I have everything I can think of to take with me, medical notes, photos, tablets, partner for when I forget and a positive attitude, that I will be going to tribunal...

  • So sorry you didnt get a positive result. When are they going to understand the word INCURABLE. (For the benefit of the government,DWP and Atos - IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY...). I had to give up a 5 hour a week job as a lollipop lady (hardly strenuous) in 2005, due to Fibro symptoms. In the next 5 yrs, I forgot exactly why I gave it up and tried it again. It was therepy for depression this time, getting me out, smiling and talking to people,which my GP and mental health counsellor agreed with. But the physical Fibro me has remembered why I gave it up before. The fatigue, fibro fog, pain and memory issues have reminded me. I dont want to give it up but I may have to. Again. So if I cant manage that, how the hell can I manage more hours? It is depressing in itself that its INCURABLE and that its stolen our "previous life". Our quality and enjoyment of life is no more. We shouldnt have to go through all this DWP crap. Big hugs to you all.xx

  • As difficult as it is, appeal. These people need to understand what we go through. With raynauds, fibro, arthritis and rheumatoid I struggle to stand and am in constant sickening pain. Medical people said I was ok to work. Nonsense really and they know it. My dla was stopped two yrs ago when I had been severly struggling for 4 to cope with life. I have been appealing two yrs and my health as deteriorated alarmingly because of the stress. They need educating and there is a petition to the government online if you want to sign.

    Appeal and good luck.

    sending love and a hug. x

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