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why do esa keep messing up my money


i have been on esa since october i send my sick notes in every 4 weeks but the last 4 weeks they have lost my sick note and then found it then say it runs out on the 8th feb which if thats was the case they wouldnt have paid me and it doesnt run out till fri this week. its doing my head in. also i thought that after 13 weeks they put you in a group but i have heard nothing. if anyone can help i would appreciate it thanks

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Why do they keep messing up everyone's money!

Maybe you could telephone and ask what's going on. If you don't get any joy, ask Citizen's Advice Bureau to help you.- they get a lot of queries on this issue,and can usually sort it out.


i have rang them they dont know anything. its stupid they really dont care about people x

because there idiots

The 13 week period is the assessment stage when they are supposed to decide what group to put you in, but due to the waiting lists for medicals, there is no way in hell they can meet this target.

The system is in meltdown, they simply can't keep up. What should take a matter of weeks is taking the best part of 12 months or more.

The only way round it is to explain this to your GP, ask for a cert to cover you for 12 months, if you can get it, or 9 or 6 months, otherwise you will be going to and fro like a yo yo from the surgery to collect certs, with endless gaps in ESA payments to follow, as the certs take time to post and process.

hi esagestapo i at gp tonight so i going to ask for a longer sick note i think im fed up of them messing me around. its only last 2 payments they done it x

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