disgusted with esa appeal

After waiting over a year for a date for a tribunal hearing I finally got a date which was last thurs on the day I wasn't feeling at all well so I went in my wheelchair when I finally went in to see the panel I was surprised to see only two people one the judge and the other the doctor well the doc started to ask questions we'll 10 mins into the interview he started on my medication he noticed I was the fentanyl patches 75 mg then he noticed my anti depressants then he wrote somethin on a piece of paper making sure I can't see passed it to the judge then I was asked to leave the room when I went back in I was then told he was adjoining the hearing until they had from my docs the last five years medical notes and I have to wait another six weeks before going back to hear what they was going to decided to do I felt that doc thought I was making it all up felt so degraded and a fraudster end of rant

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  • I understand how you feel, but I wonder if it could work in your benefit, because they needed to make sure they had all the information, sounds like they didn't have it in front of them, but it sure does make you feel like they think you are a fraud and humiliated.....I really hope this works in your favour, I would suggest try not to worry but I know that is not easy to do, gentle hugs x

  • Hi there, I'm so sorry you feel so degraded by your experience, but I have to say, you did nothing wrong at all. It may just be that they realise the severity of your condition and need further medical backup that will work in your favour. I have heard so many times of how people come away from their dealings with ATOS feeling rubbish, but you shouldn't, they are rubbish at what they do, most of the time. Take a deep breath and hold your head high, you may find that in six weeks, having had your medical notes, (though quite why they don't ask to see them before hand baffles me) they will come back with a better over view of you and how your condition effects you and your life.

    I wish you the very best of luck and in the meantime come back in if you feel in need of any support, that is what we are here for. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you both for replying and thank you for your opinion it's in the lap of the gods know I'm just so stressed need a new body lol

  • Thank you both for replying and thank you for your opinion it's in the lap of the gods know I'm just so stressed need a new body lol

  • I would say it is more a positive step for you. If they felt you are not eligible I am sure they would of said at that hearing.

    I hope it goes well for you. PMA

    Be well


  • thanks for the advice Just be glad when it's all over

  • I agree with Offcut. I think this is going to go in your favour. I am at tribunal tomorrow. I also have the same patches, morphine, anti depressants and painkillers.... so lets see what they say to me.

    Try not to worry (easier said than done) and go in there positive.

  • thanks for the advice good look at your tribunal

  • Thank you. I survived the day but I am exhausted. This is my second tribunal, I was turned down for ESA and DLA in 2010 I appealed at tribunal it took them 2 years to see me, however I got the lower rate DLA for care until April 2013. During that time I had moved in with my partner (now my husband) and we dropped the ESA appeal. (On reflection we should have carried on).

    On renewal of DLA in April 2013 they awarded me lower rate DLA for care only and so I appealed as I am much worse and on more potent drugs etc... It was not as easy this time with interesting questioning which Id be happy to share. Not had my decision today but will know in a few days. Hope you also get good news.

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