I remember recently telling all how quickly I was assessed for benefits and how soon payments started. Spoke too soon today my second ESA was due,it hasn,t arrived, my sick note ran out 1st june (bank holiday time) I sent my new one in by registered post and it was signed for 3 days later! I foned the DWP centre which cost me £24 fone call because its a premium number and the wait was 25 minutes to speak to an advisor.I found out at this fone call that the "paperwork" we send in goes to Wolverhampton which is only a sorting office! The assessment and payment centre is miles away in Birkenhead! No wonder they say they havn,t received my sick note! I will bring this to the attention of our Mp for DWP this is not acceptable to sick and disabled people.. Anyone else been thru same ordeal??

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  • That's disgusting Caz I hope you get it sorted.

    Jan x

  • Hi there

    You may find that you will get more replies if you lock your post.

    Lu x

  • perhaps you could tell me what "locking yur post is" many thanks

  • Unlocked posts are open to the whole world to read. Locked posts stay within our community.

    There are instructions on how to lock posts on the right of your screen in blue under Pinned Posts.

    If you need any help give me a shout.

  • I know that feeling well!

    Part of my ESA was stopped in July 2015, and since October I have been waiting for this money to be refunded to me. I have had to send evidential paperwork 3 times, because they have claimed it not arrived, only to receive a phone call from someone telling me that they had all the original paperwork in front of them and I would receive a decision in 5 days. I am still waiting even now, and that was a month ago.

    On top of that, I lost my DLA in Dec 2015, because of having to reapply for PIP, I attended a tribunal on 29th April, where I won my case on both counts. When I first chased it up, I was told that it can take up to 6 weeks for it to be processed, and even though I'd won my case, they still hold the right to review it and overturn the decision! I am still waiting for that money to come through.

    I have had to borrow money for the last two months, in order to pay my rent and to survive.

    It disgusting how we are treated so badly by the system! Sx :)

  • dreadful situations they out us in,I,m too feisty to allow them to get away with this, my £24 fone call is registered to them, my post I have proof it was signed for, I will go to town of these people they don,t care what hardship and misery they cause us.

  • This is really disgusting as there are only a few free mobile phone nos to do with the DWP and these tend to be for new claims or emergencies. Yes do contact your MP as it is only by letting them know how many people are being affected any changes will be made.x

  • I hate to hear that happened to you as you think things are in process and it hasn't even started. I wish you the very best. Peck.🐤

  • Hi Nurse Gladys Emmanuel,

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that my friend, and I think it is absolutely diabolical. The cost of the phone call alone is obscene! I sincerely hope that they get your ESA sorted out for you soon, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • It's shocking you had to pay all that for a phone call I always thought they could phone you back hope you get this sorted its ridiculous carry on

  • it's quite common unfortunately with new claims,but settles after the first two or three payments

  • that is so wrong how are they allowed to charge disabled and sick people just for phoning up so so wrong like many other things in this crazy world today :(

  • thanks everyone for support, the DWP said they would find out where my post went and call me back by 2pm its 17.15 now and no calls! Tomorrow the air ill be blue!!

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