ESA to JSA while appealing

I lost my assessment,appealed,got a mandatory rejection back (before my letter and doctors letter had reached them),now have an appeal in front of a committee coming up.I see it says if you get sick notes from your doc you still get your normal paid until the appeal,is that true?i got told to sign on for jla.Theyve also said it shouldnt affect how much money i get with the move to jla,i just have to sign on and see a few people,that right?any help would be appreciated,yours,Andrew

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that your mandatory consideration was rejected and I sincerely hope that you can win your appeal. I have pasted you a link below to the GOV.UK cache on appeals, as the systems has changed, so I hope that you find this useful:

    I have also pasted you a link to the FMA UK benefits helpline which may come in handy for you:

    I would definitely talk to somebody in the know such as the CAB, as they will be able to advise you on the best course of cation. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Have you tried community law, there a great help with things like this xx

  • That is an excellent suggestion as the 'Community Law Service' are a great help to people. Thank you so much for suggesting this.

  • No don't sign on how can you your sick. By signing on your admitting you can work!

    My husband didn't have to while his appeal was going on.

    Hope this helps.


  • If you sign for job seekers you are saying you fit to work when you clearly not. This happened to a friend of mine who was then refused job seekers because she was unfit for work. She ended up with nothing at all.

    They tell you this to get you off ESA.

  • Same thing happened to me last year I was told they didn't accept sick notes anymore and while I was waiting for my tribunal I had to sign on for jsa I hope the rules have changed that 4 months was for me at 60 and worked over 20 years degrading having complete strangers me feeling as if they were looking down on me I wish you all the luck in the world I won my appeal best day ever xx

  • Not sure about the still getting money lost mine for 6wks, do you mean jsa not jla, cos if you sign for jsa your declaring yourself fit and looking for work, hope this helps good luck x

  • You could also apply for PIP.

  • Thanks for the replies everyone,yeh sorry i meant jsa!it says singing on will have no impact on my appeal,but theres no question of me been able to survive without anything,i receive dla (or soon to be PIP)but because of bedroom tax,water,council tax,tv licence theres no way i cant just lose 150 a week and survive.Im fairly confident of my appeal as theres at least one lie i can prove,ive paid to get all my medical records sent to me and should hopefully have a letter from my specialist by then.I honestly thought recognition of Lupus had improved since i was 1st diagnosed,92/93!,thank you for all your help everyone again,Andrew.

  • What does it cost for medical records, I was diagnosed with lupus in the beginning along with raynauds and fibro all seems to go hand in hand, and yep at assessment they do fabricate a lot of it hope all goes well xx

  • Oh sorry another thing,they told me if i wasnt signed on to jsa after losing my income support you then lose housing benefit!,theres a community law thing near me so i`ll pay a visit,thank you to you all again for your help,it really is appreciated,Andrew.

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