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New to PIP/ESA claims

Hi....Im new to making these claims an im wondering if ive filled the forms out correctly in a manner of their acceptance, and if they decide to decline me can im wondering if i can re apply straight away rather than appealing? As after reading up on these forums alot of advice is to get professional help on the form filling and i have filled mine in myself, im still receiving and sending in sicknotes off my doctor so will i receive esa while im getting these notes or can they still decline me after filling in the work capability form im so confused. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you. Xx

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Hi Mel263

I think I wold make an appointment with the CAB and take your form with you so they can look over it and make any adjustments if necessary.

If you go to you will find a link to Janet, our benefits lady.

Always copy all your forms before sending them off.

I am not sure whether you can put in another application straight away, I have always though you have to go through Mandatory Consideration first, I am sure someone will come along and corrct me if that is wrong.

Good Luck!


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Hi Mel263

I think your best bet would be to get some professional help with your query.

We have a Benefits Adviser called Janet whose details are under Pinned Posts on the right of your screen.

Either that or go and have a chat with someone from the CAB.

Unfortunately I am unable to answer your question as I do not know what the current status is with benefits.

Good luck. I hope you are able to find some answers to your query.

Wishing you much peace

Lu x


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Hi Mel....Thankfully I haven't had to go along that route but I wish you well but you do need expert help I gather from others...Best of Luck x

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If the worse happens I would go through Mandatory Reconsideration first as that is often quite a quick process. I managed to get my DLA decision turned around that way without me having to go to appeal.x

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Hi Mel263

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I can see that you have been given some wonderful replies so I will simply and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your application, and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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