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well I left home at 10am to go to hospital,arrived at 10.40 and then was kept waiting until gone that time I was fed up .tired and hungry.the dr wasn't English and i could barely hear what he was saying.he explained the what operation would be and said it would be a day case depending on what time of day it takes place or one night stay.then the nurse had to take blood pressure etc and fill in forms.i was just glad to get home and my dogs were so pleased to see me back I mentioned my swollen abdomen and that I had lost weight from 6 months ago but stomach was getting bigger and was the reason fro previous weight gain (to no avail)and why were my ribs so sore and protruding,he said that gallstones would only cause pain on the right side and he didn't know why I had pain etc on left side..will no one take me seriously? i just hope they find something when they do the op.

my last hope is on wed when i see my gp again to discuss things and I have written everything down I want to ask and get answers to.

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  • Hi anbuma,

    I'm glad you're having your gallstone op at last. They will have a good look around inside and see what is going on, and hopefully find out what's causing your trouble.

    Hope it all goes well for you!

    Moffy x

  • thank you moffy.

    just hope its not another few months.i feel that if it is a cyst they will discover it when they dr is really good despite having some disputes with would give me some satisfaction to say it is a cyst and maybe they will listen to me in future.will let you know when the op is

  • Yes - please let me know how you get on! :)

    Moffy x

  • Ask for a scan....or a second opinion from a different doctor at your surgery....

  • I am having a ct scan on Monday and will ask them if they can scan my whole tummy -even tho it is for my nose.

  • i have seen another dr at the surgery but he was only there for a 6 month period and I don't like any of the other permanent drs.anyway there is no point in seeing other drs cos they only go on what my own dr says.i asked for a scan last summer and he refused to do one.if I hadnt gone to a private clinic in feb I would never have known i had the gallstones cos my dr never investigated fro them.

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