Hi all, hope everyone is well, sorry I've not been on for a few days, I had no internet and thank you to everyone who commented and wished me well on my last post about the lump on my shin bone πŸ˜ƒ

Doc wasn't at all concerned about my blue lump on my shin but she I told him about all the agonising pain on my left leg, knee hip and lower back on the left side, he got me on the bed, lifted my left leg up as far as he could, holy crap the whole surgery would have heard me screaming and I was in tears, doc then got me back on the chair, told me I have sciatica and prescribed me gabapentin, really hoping they help as the pain is unbearable 😞 I can hardly walk, safe to say though that its been worse since leaving the doctors office, why on earth would he lift my leg up that far? What was he thinking? Its made my pain 10 times worse, anyway enough moaning from me, how is everyone I doing tonight? Xxx

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  • Sorry to hear that - I've had similar experiences with physical exams when I was first having pain problems! My old doctor was terrible for it. Luckily now the gps I see are a lot more understanding and helpful with my fibromyalgia

    I'm not bad just frustrated at still experimenting with pain meds - it's safe to say opiates don't touch it much! I can't sleep as I haven't taken all 3 of my nighttime meds as I didn't want the hangover in the morning for work - silly me as now I'll be awake for hours 😝

    Anyhow I'm not moaning and I bet you wish you hadn't asked ha ha I've found with fibro I no longer just say 'fine thanks, you?" When people ask how I am - wonder how many other people do the same???

    Hope you find pain relief - I've got tonnes of meds that don't work for me if you want some?? Joke

    Take care

    Clare xxx

  • Hahah thanks fir the reply Clare, am in the same boat, I have a concoction of pain killers and sleeping tablets that aren't working for me hence why am still wide awake and unfortunately in crippling pain at the moment, am still at the experimenting stage with my meds just now as I was only diagnosed with fms in January this year, hope I find the right meds soon, really due a breakdown, lying in bed earlier and my beautiful daughter came into my room (she will be 3 in June) said are you better yet mummy, I said no not yet honey and she said awww your never better mummy 😒 breaks my heart, feel like am letting her down but she always says dont worry mummy I will look after you haha shes a wee granny at times, think I've rambled on enough now lol, sorry your feeling frustrated too and hope u manage to find some pain relief soon and also hope you manage to get a good sleep tonight for your work tomorrow xxx

  • Ha ha I also say "still shit but thanks for asking " when people ask how I am :-)

    It's taken my family a long time to adjust to my condition ( I don't have kids just a super supportive partner, a dead cat and a goldfish with one eye. I'm a sucker for animals that nobody else would have!) My parents and friends kept telling me to pull myself together etc etc but when it was given a name - bam - family and friends realised I wasn't just lazy!

    It's so horrible, it's been a long road for me too but it all fits into place more once you get the fibro label. I have no clue what my next step is for pain relief as the tramadol don't help enough!

    I'm thinking of taking another couple of nortryptaline and setting several alarms Bwahahahaha it won't be the first time I've been to work with s "hangover" just not the same and not for years. I did almost fall asleep at my desk the other day, luckily I was in my office on my own and nobody noticed :-)

    I'm also very tempted to not go in tomorrow and call in for leave - that won't make me too popular but I manage a large team so I'm never the flavour of the month anyhow - no difference there

  • Haha good answer, I might try that one next time someone asks how I am lol, you have a dead cat? Lol or is that meant to say deaf? Haha actually laughed out loud there, ohh my family aren't being supportive at all to be honest, when my sister is at my house and I try to get myself out of my chair using the arm of it for support and make a noise as if am a 90 year old getting out a chair she tuts and tells me to stop being a drama queen, if only the people who doubt us and think we are at it could live a day in our bodies only then would they start being more supportive, am finding it really hard to come to terms with this to be honest, am only 25(26 in 2 weeks) just think my life has been taken away from me and feel horrible that I cant run around with my daughter, feel that she will resent me when she's older 😞 hope she doesn't though coz she's my absolute world and the only thing that puts a smile on my face even on my really bad days, anyway you should have a wee day off work tomorrow if your not feeling upto it xxx

  • Lol yeah it's deaf!

    I can totally sympathise I'm 36 and I started with health issues at 25 being rushed to hospital with septicaemia and a misdiagnosed perianal abscess - yes it's as horrible as it sounds! It all went downhill from there, follow up surgery, elbow nerve surgery, tonsillectomy after perm tonsillitis, and ovary removal due to a cyst! All the time coping with pain and fatigue that was never disgnosed. It was only after a breakdown and the most horrible 2014 that I received referrals and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in January.

    I haven't had kids due to never ending health problems and I just don't think I could cope!

    I creak, crack and groan every time I move, I can't do lots of simple things and have to ask for help to bathe and dress or do certain things but when I'm outside of this house nobody would know the extent of it. When I'm good I can do lots of things but can lack dexterity - I'm making a birthday cake for my niece with sugar paste stars and music notes on wire and sweets inside! I'm hoping it comes out well but I've finished sugar paste bit so if I can't finish I can instruct partner how to finish it lol

    My mum and my partner are the most supportive, other family members not so much - it's helped me weed out those "friends" that don't really care ( always a positive)

    My best friend lives in Chicago - long story but we met on Twitter 2.5 years ago and I've met her once lol going again in October - had to cancel this years visit due to health :-( she's had terrible issues after back surgery but even though we are so far we are the only people eachother have communicated with every day since meeting no matter how shitty the we feel - without her, my mum and my partner I honestly think I wouldn't be here now things got so bad

    But Ill get to my point... looking back I realise it hasn't made it better or worse giving my problems a name, it's just made it treatable and I'll continue asking for treatment until I feel I can cope with what I need to do. I've been quite successful in trying different things (meds and other therapies) with the support of my GP and I'm finding my limits.

    Don't suffer in silence but tell your GP or other professionals and ask for help :-) I've waffled so much - sorry lol

  • Thank god your cat is deaf and not dead lol, jeez oh you have been through the mill, haven't you? I also need help with getting washed and dressed, some days my sister takes my wee girl for a few hours so that i can have a sleep, she also does my shopping and helps me with housework and stuff, although she doesn't understand how am feeling she does help me alot but could do without the nasty comments from her, other family members question me all the time about fms and comment on how I dont look like I have anything wrong with me, they defo think am at it, think I've made all this up lol if only they would take the time to do some research on it, really good that you have a supportive mum, partner and best friend, I lost touch with my best friend of 20 years when she moved away with her horrible violent boyfriend 😞 she was my only friend actually, I was even her birthing partner when she was having her wee boy but hey hoy shit happens lol just got to plod on lol xxx

  • I hear ya, reminds me how lucky I am to have support that's given without negativity.

    I'm struggling with work terribly but I'll get there, I have to as I love my job and I'm not going to be beaten by this!

    I haven't slept at all so I'm not going to work, I've got terrible pain in my hip and back now too and took all the meds I could 2 hours ago with no effect :-( meh

    We will get there, the both of us, once meds sorted!

    Take care

    Clare xxx

  • Yes I sed to my doctor other day people look at you and say you look well and they never think they an think wrong with you but they don't know wots going on in side my doctor sed yes I know wot you are saying x

  • I am so sorry to read that you have sciatica, and I genuinely hope that your Gabapentin works well for you. I have sciatica on my right side and it is very painful. I wan to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you ken πŸ˜ƒ forgot to ask the doc, is it curable? I hope so coz I couldn't cope with this forever along with fms, it really is very very painful, isn't it? X

  • It isn't exactly curable (sorry) but I do daily physiotherapy and that helps me a great deal. I also have a TENS Machine which is a massive help. However, it does tend to ease all by itself but mine reappears as and when the weather gets colder (just like arthritis)

    If the sciatic nerve itself is compressed there is an option for surgery?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Ohh no, I was hoping I would just be on meds for a few weeks then totally cured of it 😞 awww well hopefully my gabapentin will ease the pain, I've to see my doc again in 4 weeks to see how am getting on, thank you for the reply ken, hope you are well 😊 x

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