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so upset

so upset

i have just been to see the doctor i am quick to say no my usal doc as he was on leave.

i had a asthma attack so had to see someone but never thought i would come away in tears and be so upset.

he said i would help my asthma if i joined a gym and lost weight does he not think i have been down this road before how the hell can i join a gym when i can hardley walk and i am in constan pain. all he see was some fat woman before him he did not bother to ask why i walked with a frame whyhe does not know what it is to struggle to do any task.

he did'nt bother to check to see what was wrong with me just judged on what he thought he saw.

I struggle daily to get my weight down thought i was doing so well as i have just lost a stone. i am on steroids every day so it is a up hill battle one i thought i was starting to win.

but becuse of his narrow mind i came home so upset what did i do eat chocolate now i am upset at my self for doing that.

i feel like dying at least then that docotor wont be bothered with this fat cow.

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I'm so sorry you met such ignorance. sadly, you're not the first and won't be the last.

Don't take it to heart, he wasn't seeing you, just another number on his list.

You know you've done well and should be proud of it, I haven't managed that much - yet.

let the tears flow, then start afresh tomorrow.




Bless you , how ignorant some highly educated people are , hopefully your usual Dr will be back soon and you can see him/her

sending you comforting hugs , from a cuddly lady xx


In your post you mentioned he doesn't know you which I think is what you should focus on. He doesn't know you and is taking a snapshot of you. He doesn't know your personality, your qualities or achievements .He probably doesn't realise how stoical you have been to live with Fibromyalgia and / or may not even understand the condition (most likely).

Try not to let this upset you too much if possible , pick up that strength and like Sandra says start a fresh new day tomorrow.

Don't worry you've had some chocolate, it is known to release happy endorphins, you probably needed it !

If you need to have a chat you can here and we will try to help.

Hope you are feeling better now



Let me start by congratulating you on losing a stone on steroids.. I have been on them a few weeks now and my steady weight loss is now remaining static. So well done you for losing weight. unfortunately many health professionals seem to have a degree in not listening and tactlessness, that's why it's such a relief to find a good GP, so glad this one is not your normal one. treat yourself have a cry and then bounce back tomorrow.

Supportive Hugs

VG xx


Oh my word! What an inconsiderate person, never mind them being a doctor. The problem is their's and their ignorance will catch up with them one day. I think you're an inspiration. I too had a doctors visit ,to my regular GP, and was confirmed as being overweight. It hurt ,and I was told sensitively too! I think you mustn't lose that sense of pride and boost to your self-esteem you felt, when you actually hit that stone mark. I think you're fab and I will think of your determination to beat your weight issue, each time I struggle with mine. Don't lose heart you've done so well against incredible odds. Oh and enjoy that chocolate, it's a treat for achieving and isn't going to put that stone back on you in one mouthful. In fact have a piece for me! Take care now, S x


Oh my goodness, Im not shocked though ive seen this kind of ignorance on many occations. Working as a Medical Receptionist for 6 years in a gp surgery, i have seen and heard the ignorance after patients have left after their appointment.

What i can say is, its not a personal attack on you as an individual, its the disgusting ignorance of the Dr. My daughter was asthmatic from 6 weeks old and was addmitted to hosp 52 times in 2 and a half years, she was registred disabled aged 6 and continued to have severe attacks untill the age of 21, at no point was she ever over weight so this is proof you can be asthmatic even when you are under weight as my daughter was.

He obviousley needs more training in his bedside manner, he has the problem not you. The fact that he has caused you stress can make your asthma worse. Me personally would complain firstly to the Practice Manager, If you dont get a personal oppology the go obove the manager, speak to PALS, you can find their number from your local hospital. This wont make you feel better but it could prevent anyone else having to be subjected to this kind of treatment in the future.

Sending you a ((big Hug)) xxx


thank you all for your kind words it goes a long way to know others know what i am going through.I have done a lot of crying tonite my hubby as been wonderful and supportive he said he loves me no matter what and that the doctor a t****r and does not see the pain and struggle i have every day like he does.i hate it when i get rock bottom like i have tonite i think if it was not for the pain and hurt i would cause my hubby i would have done something silly tonite.. and thanks to that doctor i now have a bad flare up of fybro and have had another asthma attack so feeling terrible now.


Oh goodness help you! I'm sorry it's made you so unwell. Don't worry about anything else tonight, you're a wonderful sensitive person, who just needs extra TLC to get through. I thought your hubby looked a darling in your lovely photo. He has you at heart, which is so lovely. You rest up now, sending lots of loving, healing Welsh cwtches. S xxx


sorry to hear the dr made you cry pet you have lost a stone in weight on steriods well done that is amazing.dont let what the doc said upset you he doesnt know you.put that docs comment out of your mind and hold your head high life gentle hugs and heartfelt wishes xox p.s love the photo you and your hubby look so happyx


As a BBL (bonnie big lassie) myself I can totally empathise with your experiece as I have had to deal with similar tactless comments myself on many occassions and I swear blind if I walked into my GP's with my head hanging off they would somehow find some way of connecting it to my weight!!!

Firstly like many before me i'd like to congratulate you on loosing a stone, that you achieved this whilst on steroids speaks volumes for your determination, dedication and effort so take a bow and have a virtual high5 from me :-)

Secondly may I comment on the fact that your hubby seems to be a complete wee darling and you are blessed to have such love and support so cherish that and like he says ignore the T*****s and smarta****s :-)

I'l give you a laugh I remember the first time I went to my gp some years ago now and he 'insulted' or in his eyes lectured me about my weight. I left the practice shocked and horrified and in tears after he labelled me 'a beast' .

It was only after much tears and tea and sympathy from my mum that we worked out he'd actually called me 'obese'; which was the horrible new buzz word emerging at the time to describe someone who was over weight lol - still hate that word with a passion all these years later lol.

Hope your feeling better now warm hugs

Dixie xxx


Don't be silly,u are who you are and its easier said than done to loose weight when you have this illness,you know that so stop feeling bad about it, put a complaint in to the surgery ,try not to get upset cause you might be mistaking yr asthma attacks for panic attacks, I have them all the time and I can't get a breath and I pant. Anxiety has a lot to answer for and so does your doctor by the sounds of it! As Christina Aguilera says, you are beautiful no matter what they say, words can't bring you done! Take care x


Down x


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