As many others with fibro & RA, I have been struggling with my weight for years. I have managed to keep it down, but I still have a fat stomach which no amount of dieting seems to shift.

I recently read a Dr's report saying that Vitamin C is the best to take for this.

Has anyone else heard this or did I imagine it in one of my fibrofogs?

Any other suggestions for tackling this will be much appreciated.


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  • Hi. I just did a quick google on this, as it is a problem for me too. And it seems that there is a big Internet buzz about it at the moment. I don't have time to check out the reliability of the sites yet, but on first glance some of them seem OK. I glanced at one that said to combine it with omega 3, which I already take. So I may add Vit c to my list of supplements. I shall look into it more later on. Thanks for the tip!

  • If you take Vit C and your body does not need it you just wee it

    Out, I think you get enough by eating a orange,

    But anything is worth a try, the doctors seem to think that vit d

    Is important now they even ask for it on blood tests, but I should

    Think now the weather is better and the sun out we may not need

    That either

  • You need 30 minutes of early morning sunshine on bare skin each & every day to get the required dose of Vit D so most people are lacking in it's now recommended we take a supplement.

    The effect of not having enough Vit D is osteoporosis & for us Fibro sufferers increased pain.

  • Quick tell me where this better weather and sunshine is and I will make my way over. Its freezing in Scotland, had only one day this year so far when we have been able to sit outside! Miserable or what! x

  • Glad it's not just me I thought it was just middle age spread combined with not exercising much but yeah I have a fat tum while the rest of me is still slim......

    But I drink half a pint of orange juice a day cos I love it...

    VG x

  • Vit C is good for you, but I doubt if it will help you to lose weight.. It's another of these things like Acai berries, Goji berries, green tea, black tea, green coffee, grapefruit diets - they're too numerous to mention, and of very little use except to the companies that promote them.

    Having said that, grapefruit, which contains a lot of Vit C, for some strange reason does seem to help weight loss if you eat it together with a lower calorie diet. I suspect that it's appetite suppressant properties have more to do with it than the Vit C!

    If you have lost excess weight on a good eating plan, and still have a belly, it's most likely flabby muscle and a bit of residual fat. If you're nearing middle age and have had children, this is pretty much inevitable, and exercise and/or a tummy tuck is the only thing likely to remove it - neither very easy for a fibromite.

    If you can possibly swim or do sit-ups, then do. I can occasionally manage a swim, but I couldn't do sit ups. I do isometric exercises, where you stand up straight and pull all your tummy muscles in. You have to do this as much as you can, like when you're standing at the sink doing the dishes or whatever, but don't do it in a bus queue, 'cos people will stare :O

    These exercises work pretty well if you keep at them - I noticed a difference after 3 weeks.

    I'm very slim, but I'm a mother of three, and yes, I have a bit of a tum, but keeping the weight down and pulling in, seems to keep it under control - I hope you have some success if you try it! :)

    Moffy x

  • grapefruit is a no-no with some med's, I just cant think which. I know I'm not allowed to have any.

  • Grapefruit stops the absorption of statins, if you're on those.

    I was put on them, but don't take them now, 'cos I managed to keep my cholesterol down with diet.

    It's important to take them if you have any pre-existing heart probs, though!

    Moffy x

  • I thinks it's my prednisolone, :)

  • I can't drink grapefruit juice cos of one of my meds , but I can do sit ups in the kitchen sink and swim at the bus stop :)

    VG x

    Not too sure about the holding the stomach in and standing up straight that sounds a bit too exhausting ;)

  • Yup - it's exhausting! Lying down on sofa not doing exercises :(

  • Thanks for these answers folks.

    Can hardly move at the moment let alone do exercise - so will have to live with tummy!

    Lots worse things going on with people than that. Just thought I'd mention it.

    VG - DON'T do sit ups in kitchen sink - you may disappear down plughole (all except your tummy of course)!

    Keep cheerful everyone.


  • I've found the belly thing....for more about the things I cut out of my diet more than the things I add. Wheat and dairy especially. Eating a sandwich is a guarenteed extra 4 pounds for about 3 days ! I can monitor the bloating now !

  • My daughter's like that, Stepper - she hardly ever eats wheat, and has rye bread instead, which is very nice. Dairy doesn't cause a problem for her, tho' - guess we're all different!

    Moffy x

  • Big Knickers is the answer. x

  • LOL - you're dead right there, vajrayogin! You could get two people in my favourite pairs, but boy, are they comfy!

    Moffy x

  • I refuse to volunteer to share your knickers at the same time ... I am a volunteer but I am not volunteering for that .. Shoves sandra99b forward

    Vg x

  • ARGHHHH! We're overflowing! :O

  • Peeks through her fingers trying not to laugh :D

  • I'm sure my Doc never mentioned madness as a side effect of fibro - but you lot prove differently every single day - and thank goodness for it!

    Thanks for the info about diet elimination rather than inclusion - will start to try giving up wheat first and see what happens.

    Have a great bank holiday and stay as pain free as you all can.


  • You too GQ

    Vg x

  • .....I'm no Doc but there are vitamin C tablets with added zinc in them. Where I think over doing the vitamin C is okay as they do say you pee it away, think that too much zinc is harmful... Watch the packaging, make sure it's just vitamin C only,,,,

    Be safe out there fellow fibro peeps xxx

  • Keep carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate).

    Eat low GI carbs

    Make up the balance of your diet with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein and fat foods.

  • Oh some of these posts have given me a good giggle, thanks for that. Its true cutting down on wheat and dairy does help in the tummy department. If I eat wheat I try to only have it a couple of times a week and I bake with wheat free flour. I was told I'm sensitive to wheat and cows milk so I cut it out for a year but now I'm just careful not to have too much. I drink skimmed goats milk which is lovely but will have ordinary if I'm out as I don't like soya milk and they say its bad for you anyway. So I reckon its all about moderation and listening to your body.

    As for statins I am so much better since coming off them . I have much less pain and much more energy. My cholesterol was 6.4 up from 4.5 when I was on them but my GP said I only have a 6% chance of stroke and heart attack in next 10 years and that with my family history its obviously in the genes so diet won't make that much difference. He said my number wasn't a big enough jump to make it worth taking the statin if they make me feel so ill/awful. I think I'm happy enough about it. Also he said as I don't smoke and don't have high B/P I should be fine. So no more statins for me! Doctors have been giving them out like smarties in recent years and the drug companies have been laughing all the way to the bank!

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