Vitamin d'deficiency

Not been here for a while. But I had the results of a number of blood tests I had a week before. My doctor had decided to repeat all that I had years ago.

Had a phone call yesterday to all was clear apart from the vitamin d'deficiency. Would I pick up a prescription for more tablets to take.

I have found out that both fibro and vitamin d'deficiency symptoms mirror image each other. Could they have got it wrong when they diagnosed fibro?.

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  • I was wondering the same when diagnosed a couple of months ago and in combination with statins after reading all the research have decided to stop taking statins and keep taking the vit D along with sunshine and I have purchased a very nice little sunshine lamp and feel much better already.

  • Hi onhereagain, do you really rate the sunshine box only I have been thinking for ages of getting one, are they expensive?? yes I was told about Vit D and I do think it helps only a little, but as they say every little helps....Ive also heard that when we exercise our muscles use up the vit K in them and when we relax it builds itself back up again quickly and thoroughly but apparently for us our muscles dont build the vit k back up so rapidly again so therefor our muscles get weaker and may even start to waste, that does seem to be whats happening to me, has any one else heard this???, hope you are all having a reasonable day, it turned soo cold again today and that doesnt help does it, I also have arthritis of the spine and other places the cold doesnt help does it, I also think that the arthritis is related to Fibro dont you, take care gentle hugs to all xx

  • Hi,

    i don't think you get all the same fm symptoms with VitD deficiency. I had a low VitD and was treated for it but I still have fm.


  • I suppose I had better get prescription then. After having all the test and the only one to come back not right is vit d. Thanks

  • I have been taking cod liver oil capsules for a while, and have definitely found a benefit. They are full of Vit D of course, so maybe that's what's caused the improvement. I'm not 'cured' but certainly better.

    Moffy x

  • Hi Sherry,

    I recently found out that I have a vitamin d dificiency and I have now started B12 injections. My blood tests were borderline for a very long time and then my last blood test it was too low. I asked if I could eat or drink anything to help and the gp said that it doesn't really work that way. So I've booked my first 6 injections. And after my last one next week, I won't need another for another 3 months. I think this is the vitamin related. My apologies if it isn't. Gentle fibro hugs to you. xxx

  • Hi

    I think that anything that helps is worth trying there are varying costs of light boxes from reasonable to cost a fortune. The one I purchased cost £33 and is small enough to carry around, however you only use 20 minutes a day, preferably in the morning.

    Do those of you who still have symptoms take Statins I am thinking of stopping them.

  • AFAIK most light boxes sold for the treatment of SAD are not UV boxes. This means they cannot help with vitamin D deficiency (though may help to boost your natural melatonin). UV light boxes have to be used with extreme care, wearing sunglasses, limiting exposure, etc.

  • im vit b12 deficiency, and have to have an injection every 13 weeks, don't think my doc has tested for vit d.

  • I had two tests a year apart which showed I was Vit D deficient though now my surgery won't do the tests because 'it is less costly to carry one prescribing the Vit D supplements'' Privatization creeping in I suspect. I had side-effects to the supplements anyway so bought some instead form the health shop. I've now no idea if I'm still Vit D deficient but judging by my fatigue - probably. The sun is the best source but I still get fatigued of the air is humid! Also Vit D deficiency is associated with many other conditions eg MS and probably ME. But that doesn't say whether it's causal ie which come first the chicken or the egg, just that the two are associated.

  • No, vitamin D deficiency is an effect of fibromyalgia .

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