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Anyone else with DDD get buprenorphine Tramadol and paracetamol for the pain,and still find the pain just as bad,and Doctors aren't helpfull

I have degenerative disc disease.Rheumatoid arthritis,Migraines,muscle wastage,numbness in legs and arms,borderline diabetic,reflux disease,pass out or just collapse and severe mental health issues(psychopathic paranoid schitzophrenic)But when I tell doc pain just as bad he says you are getting all pain killer help we can give.Anyone else feel their doc doesn't really care like I do or am I imagining it.

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hi chaozz, i'm sorry to hear that you feel as if your not being listened to. I have the same problem. I have RA, OA fibro, restless legs, sciatica and depression. I never feel pain free and sometimes my meds don't even take the edge off. I have a cocktail of meds like most of us on here but still not helping.

when I go to my gp he fobs me off by saying there is nothing more he can do and I should talk to my rheumy, ive done this and he says all pain issues should be delt with by my doctor. its so frustrating. my only relive is being in a hot bath, but you cant live in the bath!

im sorry I don't have any answers, but my sympathy's with you.



Hi wish I could have a bath but got so bad getting in and out of one had to have walk in shower room with seat fitted and it's not the same cause I can't relax to ease pain..have same prob with GP and physio as you are they palm it off to each other..and you have my sympathy as does everyone else suffering for whatever reason,But thanks for answering....


Sorry you are suffering so much. The Consultant at the Pain Management clinic told me that the most pain coverage we can get is 30% unless they use medication that knocks us senseless. Sorry, I am sure you didn't want to know that. Do you find using a TENS machine any help at all.?




Hi,I tried a Tens machine and that didn't help at all,nothing seems to But I know people out there have way worse than me so I try to keep cheerful and not complain to much,but getting depressed because it seems like they don't believe me...But thanks for answer....I hope you are keeping as well as you can.....Big Hugs


Hi Chaozz,

I'm sure that your GP is giving you all he possibly can, but severe pain needs specialist management. It might be a good idea to ask for a referral to a pain clinic, where they can advise a prescription suitable for your specific needs.

Moffy x


Hi Ladymoth he probably is doing what he can,I asked for re referal to pain management 10 years ago still waiting,I ask every month but Doc says they haven't got back to him.True False I don't know this is why I feel like they aren't Interested..But thanks for answering...take care....chaozz


Hi, I too am on gabapentin 900mg daily, paracetamol , tramadol and amitrypteline & still suffer chronic pain. I use a tens machine which helps a little, but generally find my gp is not interested. xx Ask again for a referral to pain clinic. I am looking for a new gp who is more sympathetic to my illness, despite being with my current practice for 20 plus years. The prospect is daunting, but I am left with no choice. x


Hi.. I have similiar problem been with my doc 15 years,next nearest one is 6 miles away and they are full so can't change doctor.they have me everyway so stuck with unsympathetic doc and if I complain will have no doc as they will take me off register,but I suggest if you can Get new 1st chance I get I will..thanks for taking time to share...Take care....Chaozz


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