falls anyone else this happening to

ive just spent the afternoon at A/E having fell again , my knee jerked then a stabbing pain then it just gave way and down i went , ive got a corker of a bruise covering all my kneecap and down my leg, fortunatly after x ray i have not broken anything, these falls are getting pretty frequent now, anyone got any advice? the doc at hospital said my doc should be looking into why im having all these falls, how would he do that? 45 and i feel like an old lady.

love xxx

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  • Thats awful Bella, definitely make an early appointment with your doctor and hopefully he will be able to help you, I'm definitely 'nearly' falling quite often, sometimes I've saved myself sometimes my daughter or son catches me, or sometimes as in yesterday when I was in a bank cue, I noticed I was feeling particularly tired and weak, and I started going from side to side, did you ever do that?, I was standing in the same spot, just starting to move like a skittle does before it falls, cept I was going from one side to the other and I knew I was about to collapse on the ground, so I was glad to see a sort of a barrier that marked where you were to join in the cue, so I had to hold onto to that and pray I did'nt fall anyway, my daughter was waiting outside for me, and she was shocked when I told her when I came out, I had to hold her arm the whole way home, (to and from a taxi), scary or what, I hope you knee eases maybe you pulled something, did the doctor at the hospital say you strained anything, or just think its a fibro thing?, take care xxxxx

  • Meant to say I sometimes trip and fall also as well as nearly falling, as I feel at times as if my feet are too heavy and I cant lift them far enough to walk properly, my family must think I'm nearly gone lol xxxx

  • claire and bella, these things happen to me too. I hope your doctor acts on this but I'm puzzled as to why the a&e doc didn't refer you on.



  • Yup fell and broke 2 ribs am often falling into doors and walls am covered in bruises, but I have osteo arthritis in left ankle and both knees so if one leg gives way the other sometimes holds up or sometimes doesn't I am in my 40s and had arthritis 4 years and feel like I am falling apart..... I walk with a stick for extra balance. Are you on any meds that say may cause dizziness I was when I fell have changed them since and I do feel better balanced but the arthritis lets me down

    Good luck VGxx

  • Hi Very grumpy,

    Love your name, it does make you flipping grumpy does'nt it?, blast this fibro.

    I havreRA in my two knees and wrists, I was diagnosed last year, and the rheumatoligist said when he diagnosed me with 18 points of fibro, and put in up on a couch and after hed poked me to high heaven when I shouted a big "OW" out, he took one look at my legs (did'nt touch them I had my knees bended up and jeans on), and said "Well I see you've no Rheumatoid Arthritis anyway", I was too embarassed to correct him, same meds no change, best wishes Claire xxx

  • Hi Claire I went to the Mineral hospital and the Specialyst said "Oh yes you have what is called stiff person syndrome, I am sure " he then got me to lay on the couch I was in agony getting on and he had got me to take off all my clothes except my underwear. He then pulled and pushed my legs and I screamed out and told him I was waiting for two new knees!! He bent my leg up and waggled it to the side and hurt me so much, then said "you don't have bad knees if you can move them like this " I haven't been able to walk since then as the pain in my knee is horrendious!! and he now says I have 18 points of fibro and have a very acute flare up!! I have since seen the Orthopedic surgion who says I need two new knees,the one he yanked about is now worse than it ever was. ......Two months later he wrote and said I have not got stiff person syndrome..........what a waste of time all that was !!!

    Mind you he did say I had fibro and CVFS "er I already knew that before I saw him " It is so hard to deal with all this without the Dr's being so unhelpful isn't it ?

    Sorry gone on a bit but wish we didn't have to go through so much pain to be heard!!!

    Gentle hugs to VeryGrumpy and all on here :-)

  • Hi,yes I'm 47 and was diagnosed this July.I've had 3 falls in the last 2 weeks.The first one I fell up the stairs,the other two I never hit the floor,I was saved by walls and a radiator! I think they happened because I kept going and my legs didn't!! They don't seem to obey me a lot of the time I'm so stiff I feel like the tin man from Oz!!

  • I know what you mean Amanda, it does play havoc with us doesnt it? xxx

  • Hi, sorry to hear that you are falling but glad to know I'm not the only one. I don't know the medical answer - have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which confirms what I thought, but when I fall it is for similar reasons in that my knee (or some other joint) seems to give way with pain and I think that takes all my attention, even the involuntary unconscious attention that we pay to where our body is in space and whether balance needs correcting (I did a psychology degree and my theory links to knowledge from that). I've learned by experience over the past few years that whenever I'm for any reason not fully 100%, i.e. in pain, tired, hungry, etc that I have then to be especially aware of my need for support when getting up/down or doing tasks that require much change of direction that might lead to a fall. For example, some of my falls have taken place when putting shoes on and like you my knees have given way with pain at the same time, so now I make sure that I am next to a table or similar when kneeling so that when I get up I can use the table as support rather than put my weight fully onto the knee - it''s irritating and makes me feel old but it is better than ending up on the floor, feeling old, silly and frustrated as well as dealing with the pain!! Hope it helps, and hope the medics can help too.

  • thanks everyone glad to hear im not the only one, the A/E doctor was running around like a headless chicken it was so busy, the doc said with me falling on my knee i had inflamed the fibro in my knee? i thought she would of refered me me on to sandra, it just seemed after waiting 2 hours for a xray a further hour for the doc to look at my xrays, that i felt i was being dismissed like all the other patients in the cubicles to make room for new patients, apart from the druggie who had been discharged from rehab and had took a overdose ??? yeah and was sound asleep with a drip on in the cubicle typical self induced get the best treatment, ill make new appointment with gp and see where this takes me? where would you be referred? xxx

  • Hi my knees do the same never found out why but it does shake you up doesn't it. My Dr referred me to orthapedic clinic and they found my joints are loose esp in my left leg. but either can just go with no warning. I have waited mind you for 6 years forknee replacement and now told need to wait at least another 5 great!! ( I cant walk now!! )

    Take care Gentle hugs

    Rainbowdancer x

  • I am seeing my GP tomorrow as one specialist thought I had arthritis in both kness. Both give out with sharp pains down the inside of the knees so I constantly fall. When x rayed no signs of arthritis so Dr is supposed to be talking further tomorrow. If I get referred on to anyone I will let you know! x

  • Fallen 16 times this month. landed in my sisters boobs on the middle of the park csfe. no injuries but its a pain in the posterior!

  • Yes it has happened to me but so far only in the cold weather. At the beginning of this year my knee gave way through sudden sharp pain when I was going down my stairs and I fell down the rest of them. Luckily I was 2/3rds of the way down and ended up with just a bruised bottom and ego. Also I often trip when Im walking because I think I have lifted up my foot but I havent done so enough. Also can be embarrasing in public. So is this down to fibro too.Since last July the pain in my knees and hips has intensified and often I can bearly get up my stairs. I havent spoken to my GP about it properly because although lovely he usualy looks quite blankly at me. Would anyone suggest that I should maybe ask for a referral about it and who to would it be a rheumotologist? x

  • I see a rheumatologist. hope they sort you out soon.



  • Rheumatologist diagnosed my arthritis and referred me to orthotics for moulded to measure shoe inserts to balance me up. Has helped a little but means I can really only wear trainers.


  • Hi

    I have had problems with my knees since i was 14 but gradually got worse and worse had numerous operations on them both then 6 years ago had a knee replacement (privately couldn't get it done NHS luckily my then hubby had Bupa) It has never been right dropped me down the stairs and is still giving way i have osteoarthritis in both knees hips and hands. Was diagnosed with fybro when i was 26 I am now 50 and life is hell some days I get depressed. Had surgery on my right hand 2 years ago was fine for a year now i can't lift anything again the left hand is going the same way. Knees keep dropping me but consultant refuses to do anything even though they are both bone on bone. Was referred to pain clinic after a couple of months wait to see DR saw someone who i had previously seen privately he recognised me so i said yes i saw you privately he said there was nothing he could do for me and i needed the pain clinic erm hello he was the pain clinic!!! I have two sons who are going through the same problems with their knees but are able to work so far. I have to leave my house by the 4th October and have no where to live so far so the stress is causing so many extra problems. Even though i receive benefits etc housing people still want a letter from my gp and proof of who i am and that i do live in this property but they are paying the housing benefit or some of it and they know i receive DLA and Motability etc doesn't that tell them something. Was taken to court earlier this year because i filled in a form wrong so was done for benefit fraud so now at 50 have a criminal record for 3 years and i have never broken a law in my life. I was a nurse and a special constable years ago. Can anything else possibly go wrong this year. sorry about the rant but going crazy with pain and stress and I fall down frequently. I asked my dr if i could be referred back to the rheumatologist and he said there was no point as they would not accept me they would refer it straight back to the primary care giver which is my own dr. Yet my son has asked the rheumatologist he sees (privately) and he said he does see parients with fybro and osteoarthritis. I wonder sometimes about these dr's you go in and are fobbed off with more pills.

  • Hi

    after having chronic pain syndrome for many years I became afflicted with a neurological disorder called functional weakness/functional disorder.

    This makes me fall or fold several times a day without warning. my body simply forgets how to walk and caves in. I can even fall over sitting down as it forgets how to hold me up. My nerves work perfectly well, but in this condition the junction box between the nerves and the brain has failed to send correct signals. Chronic pain over many years can cause this neurological diorder. The good news is if you have got this it can be reversed. That is if you can ever get the NHS to give you any help or treatment. Im still waiting for mine and have lost job in process.

    Dont give up and search for your own diagnoses/remedies.

    Here if you would like any more info on neurological causes.

    Warm thoughts NN :) (49 going on 89!)

  • I am just going to send love to you ~ I found this interesting as this is what is happening to me and have collapsed a number of times the last being in the supermarket and actually was totally out of it that they had to call the paramedics...so embarrassing... and have found it interesting what NordicNavajo has said ~ as I feel that this each day, just like my body is giving way mainly from my knees or pelvis and didnt even know this was a disorder ~ my GP has said that it is the fibro, although I too have CRPS/RSD... sometimes I wonder if anything that goes on they just put it down to that label. I saw a neurologist as concern about epliepsy... I knew I hadnt got that, and MS.. as these can mimic MS symptoms.. I really feel like im going round the bend quite literally some days.. ;-) x

  • Hi. new here, but yes, I fall regularly. my left hand side of my body seems to just give way. been to a neurologist but only thoughts they have is MS. depends also on other meds you might be taking for other reasons. kind regards

  • I use to be all American athlete now due to health and near fatal car wreck I've been sedatary it seem my back starts feeling like someone is loading weight on it then next thing i end up falling and hurting myself

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