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Failed ICSI

Hi, hope you are fine

My husband and I are currently under the care of a fertility consultant, and our repeat test results show that we are dealing with male factor issues and We have a history of 3 failed ICSI in Fertility clinic in Isfahan

The result of TUNEL Test:

2015:count:69 motility:26 abnormal morphology:%95 DNA:%27,DFI:%30

2016: count:24 motility:42.5 abnormal morphology:%98 DNA:%20,DFI:%22

2018: count:12 motility:4.1 abnormal morphology:%95 DNA:%16,DFI:%7

Testicular Sonography: Normal

No history of Varicocele

Medical history: hypertension(-),diabetes(-),smoking(-)


Drug use for infertility:

1. Folic acid

2. anti-oxidant supplements

3. Carnitine

4. Coenzyme Q10

5. Fertility aid

6. Zinc

7. Selenium supplementation

8. Vitamins A, C, and E

9. Panax ginseng

Embryo technique:

1. Embryo glue

2. Blastocyst transfer

3. Hatching

we just want to mentally and physically prepare myself as best I can, so I really appreciate any advice you can offer. Many thanks in advance

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I don’t really have any advice but I hope you have better luck next time xx

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