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Follow up tomorrow failed first ICSI

Hi there,

Got our appointment tomorrow have made a list of questions to ask. Just wondered what you all think about my situation now. We are very lucky and have another NHS go but my first round I was a long protocol (now looking at it seemed odd with AMH 2.2 and low AFC) I was on full wack menopur 300ui and only got 2 follicles. But they did grow nicely last scan 20mm and 21mm but at egg collection the 21mm follicle had disappeared? I'm guessing I ovulated before they got in there? So we just had 1 egg but unfortunately it didn't fertilise.

Do you think we will have the donor egg talk? What would you do? Have one more go with my eggs on a possible short protocol? See how I respond? Or go straight to donor egg on this NHS go? We can afford to fund a third round if we need it.

I'm not against donor eggs but if there's a chance be it low of using my own should we go for it? I just think if we are faced with such low odds with my eggs is it just worth going straight to donor now?

I know it's going to be down to what our consultant says tomorrow but just wanted to hear your thoughts if it was you xx

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Hi blondie boo, I'm really sorry I can't help I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my question this morning, with everything you have going on, that was so kind of you to help me. I'm sorry you haven't been lucky yet - wishing you lots of luck for your appointment tomorrow. Xx


You're welcome this site has been a big help to me so I like to give a bit back where I can :0)

Good luck with everything xx


Hi Blondyboo, I have low AMH also and was put on long protocol with full dose of menopur. I had 7 eggs collected which was more than I thought. Is there a chance you could respond differently second time round? I only say that as when I had a preliminary scan before we started IVF I only had 3 follicles. I'm pretty new to all this myself (I'm having ET tomorrow all being well) but I'm sure that they will be able to advise you of your best chances tomorrow. The only positive of a failed cycle is gaining more knowledge of what went wrong. They'll be able to tweak things or recommend a different procedure based on last time's findings. I hope everything works out for you and it's good news that you have another funded cycle. Wishing you all the best xxx

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It's difficult. I also have a low AMH of 3.2 I have recently turned 41 and am now in the middle of IVF round 3 (all Private). By the time the NHS got round to paperwork and blood tests etc. our NHS then said 'sorry, you're now too old'. They dragged it out for over a year and a half.

Make sure they offer you ICSI. I say this because the NHS were initially offering us just IVF (and after consulation with a private clinic - they suggested ICSI and said IVF without would have lower % chance). I am currently on Merionel 450.

I have previously (last cycle- been on Gonal F 450) so I'm not convinced the 300ui of menopur is the highest they have, or possibly can offer. It may be worth asking?

I am trying to stay 'hopeful' but I've been here before with the previous 2 attempts. The first time I only had 3 follicles and they couldn't see my other ovary. Last time, I ended up with 7 follicles only to be told on egg collection my follicles were empty?

I just don't know.

Personally I would possibly have 1 more go with your own eggs on the NHS. Insist they do ICSI and tell them that it's your last attempt as you have no more money. I wouldn't tell them about your money for round 3 or get into donor eggs at the moment. They need to know your heart is on having your own child if that is possible. After my second attempt failed we signed up to our 3rd attempt and I quietly 'enquired' about donor eggs. Our 3rd attempt was nearly cancelled - they sent us to counselling for weeks saying 'I was unsure, I was going through too much grief' etc. and I nearly messed it all up for us both. I was simply 'enquiring' how it worked - nothing more.

Wishing you every success and whatever you decide I really hope things work out for you both. xx


Thanks for replies we are having ICSI anyway due to low sperm count. At first our problem was just sperm it wasn't until I had the AFC with just 4 follicles and AMH test we found out I had diminished ovarian reserve. Always had regular periods and I know I was ovulating every month as I did my Basel body temp for a couple of years! X



I think I have a and of 5.2 @ 41 low or high I don't know. 2 failed cycles both fresh and 2nd cycle was in high dose menopur and Gonal f and only collected 5 eggs.

Third time round high dose Gonal f and collected 12 eggs a massive surprise to us considering both times never near that.

I too had the donor talk before they had it with me and both consultants at different clinics said y am I even suggesting.

we just got the call to say 6 fertilised which is 50% a little disappointing but have to be happy with that.

Just don't give up xxx

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6 is great honey, remember you only need 1. I have 6 cool kids in Ivf till January. 6 .... Fab ;)

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Hi Blondyboo,

Sorry your cycle didn't work, it seems odd that your second follicle disappeared like that. I was on 375IU Gonal F, so there is scope to increase your dosage of menopur to see if that helps. I think 450 is the max they go to. I was on a long protocol too, with the pill for 3 weeks, followed by buserelin and then gonal f. The buserelin was continued while I was on gonal f - the buserelin prevents ovulation until you take your trigger shot. My AMH is 3 and I'm 36. Only 1 ovary gave me follicles and I ended up with 2 blastocysts being transferred, nothing frozen.

If it doesn't work out this round, I would be inclined to try at least once more with my own eggs. For me anyway, I would need to come to terms with the whole donor egg thing and I think I would need counselling to go down that route. I suppose see what they say but if age is on your side, then I would consider using your own eggs again. Yes, the reserve is low but that doesn't necessarily mean the quality is bad.

Good luck with your appointment.

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I'm on 450ui Menopur injections but self funding our third and final ICSI cycle. With my single NHS attempt I was only prescribed the "maximum" dose of 300ui Menopur....just goes to show the differences and extras that you're offered when self funding! 😠

My first cycle ended abruptly with 6 follicles, 3 eggs but they all degenerated during the ICSI procedure so no transfer.

My second cycle produced 4 follicles, 4 eggs and all 4 fertilised. Two made it to transfer but sadly no further.

I'm currently on my third cycle and due to start the Menopur injections on Wednesday assuming tomorrow's blood test is ok.




If it was me I was also have another shot using my own eggs, as you've only had the one cycle so far and you could respond better if they change the meds etc. When I had my first AMH reading a few months before the cycle it was considered very high for my age (39) but by the time they were about to start me on the meds they tested again and it had gone right down. So they upped me to highest dose of meds, so in a way that helped as we originally got around 11 eggs , although ended up with 4 blastocysts in the end. The fresh ICSI cycle didn't work but we got 3 frozen and I had a FET last month and am currently 7 weeks pregnant.

I think you might feel better knowing you tried with your own eggs first, before considering donor eggs.

Hope it all goes well with the consultant,

best wishes, xxx


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