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Hi ladies

As some of you know I missed a period back in June and iv been having blood tests done. So I went back today for my day 21 blood test to check my progesterone levels. The nurse said my FSH is 8 and my LH is 5 is this normal? I feel very scared again. They don't know why I missed it but she said by looking at my blood test it showed I had released a follicule and that they wanted to do a day 21 test. Has anyone else had this issue? Is have my first ivf appointment in September but am scared my body will fail me before then x

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  • Forgot to mention a year ago my FSH was 4.8 and my LH was 5.8

  • I missed a period a year after first mc and neither my GP or the general gynae consultant were bothered. I was freaking out as it hadn't happened to me before. Speaking to friends it's more common than I thought. Our bodies can do strange things when we're stressed. When I mentioned it to the fertility clinic consultant he was even less bothered and said that as it's all controlled by drugs it doesn't matter. If your period doesn't arrive they can give you the pill to start a bleed.

    Good luck with your first round of IVF.

  • Thank you for your reply! I just feel so confused as to why it's not come. So next week is meant to be my period due date if I had started normal and today I had a sharp cramp and I had brown discharge on my knickers. And now it's all stopped again. My body is playing tricks lol x

  • Hi NDE1987. Your FSH/LH looks normal to me. Better than the last one, as result wrong way round. Sometimes happens with ovaries not functioning properly. Your Day 21 should be over 30 to show that ovulation has occurred. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you for your reassurance once again Diane!! I am at my wits end not knowing why I haven't started yet again. This will be my second month which I would have missed. I had a Sharp stomach pain yesterday and had brown blood discharge and when I wipped and then it stopped. Just have to wait a week and know the results for my day 21. Also the ivf clinic will be able to give me something to push start a period won't they x

  • HiNDE1987. Yes, it's not a problem for the clinic, fortunately, just a worry for you. Sounds a bit like your lining is not building up properly, because of the brown spotting. Try not to get in a pickle about it, as it can be sorted out. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane! Is there anything I can do naturally to build it better myself? Thanks so much for your help!! X

  • Hi Diane! I finally started my period yesterday! I called my nurse to tell her and she said that my day 21 came back low at 5.8. That is very low! Do you think that's because I have haven't had a period since may? Even though the first blood test I had done showed that I had released a follicule. These tests are all very confusing! She said it's best not to have our last iui and just wait until ivf now.

  • Hi NDE1987. That's a relief! Yes, I would definitely go with IVF as they can control everything to suit you. The IUI cycle seems to have released an egg too early. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane! I am very happy -never thought I would be happy to start my period lol! I was very bloated and had headaches. I'm happy to have 2 months of no treatments now and then in September I can focus on my ivf journey :) thank you for all your help!

  • Hi NDE1987. So pleased to hear that you are OK with this. Enjoy the sunshine while we have it, which will recharge your batteries for lift off again! Good luck! Diane

  • Yes definitely:) hopefully I will get preganany through ivf so I will enjoy a free summer with my husband! X

  • Hi NDE1987. Indeed you will. Sending gentle hugs. Diane

  • So happy that you can now move forward with treatment x must be so relieved x

  • Hi jess! Yes I am very happy I started my period. It was a relief! Although I did research how to start it! I was drinking to cups of ginger tea a day and kept a hot water bottle on my stomach at night! Seemed to have worked lol. My day 21 results worried me a bit but I can't stress over it now! I'll just focus on the next couple of months. X

  • Gotta love dr Google! Always so wise!!!

    Maybe you ovulated earlier and that wasn't the best day to test your progesterone. Also stress can do awful things to your cycle trust me I know that one so well...

    The most important thing is moving forward. IUI success rate isn't that wonderful. Perhaps you would be better off with IVF. The IVF could bring you your much wanted baby. Perhaps this happening could become a positive thing. Means you'll get IVF sooner. The nurse is giving you the right advice they want you to have the best chance of having a baby (it's hard but sometimes we must trust the experts that they know what is best).

    When is your next appointment? How soon can your clinic get this ball rolling? Maybe you could ask for a cancellation appointment?

    In between that id take some time for you and your other half. This Journey can really take a toll on you. Maybe plan a nice breakaway just the two of you. Re charge your batteries. That's what I'm doing before our appointment next month. Going to Spain two week before our appointment. I'm the biggest worrier so I can relate to what you're saying I'd be the same.

    Have you booked your nk cell blood test up yet? X

  • Awww thanks jess! I do feel less stressed now as my period arrived and I am going to take this time out for myself. Our first ivf appointment is on the 20th September but I was told that I can call up to see if they have any cancellations. My husband and I are due to go rome next week for a few days for his 30th! So that will be nice and relaxing. I haven't booked my NK cells yet as I am finding it hard finding a place. They all want a referral letter but as I haven't even had my first appointment at Chelsea and westminster I can't get that letter! I was thinking of brining it up at my appointment. Thanks for your kind words while I have been going through all of this x

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