FSH blood test for first IVF app ( HELP)

In my appointment letter they want me to do a blood test on day 1-3 of my period. . The thing is , I'm already over a week late ( normal) and worried that I won't be able to do blood before my app.

Do you think I should call them first to say this or just turn up without it ? ( I'm worried that if I call to say I haven't come on yet so can't do blood they may put my app further back.

I have 11 days till my app .

What do you think?


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  • I would hang fire and hope you come on x

  • Thank you . Like you its all been going on for about a years and half now . I was feeling quite positive about it all now I'm just stressing that they may turn us away again or delay things by saying I need further tests .

  • I get how you feel and I feel totally anxious and on edge with not knowing, once I get the next appointment date I calm down and feel positive and relaxed its the not knowing that drives me nuts xxx

  • Yes this is the worse but I think . This is my first go at IVF . Hope all goes well for you nxt week . X

  • It's also my first go, I will let you know what happens x

  • That would be really good if you don't mind . X

  • I would ring them and explain - it happened to me and I had to call them as soon as I came on to make appointment x

    If you explain you are starting IVF and the test is very important for hormones to be done on day 1-3 they should gt you in x

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