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Anyone trying donor eggs and failed?

Hi I have just had my third donor egg transfer, 2 PGS tested blasts one was a BA and the other BC grade. I think this one is a chemical pregnancy and am just waiting for it to be confirmed by a blood test. I really don't know what more I could do and wondered if anyone has any experience.

I have had an endometrial scratch.

I have had a laparoscopy.

I take Clexane and aspirin as I have a blood clotting issue.

Take magnesium and vitamin E.

Take steroids 20mg of Predisolon

The only positive I can take away is that at least this time it seems to have implanted whereas the first twice it did not. It seems the scratch really works for me as this is the third time I have had it and had implantation (the first twice was on round 5 and 6 of IVF with my own eggs which ended up with chromosome issues in one pregnancy and a MC in the other - hence moving to donor eggs as the magic answer!).

Any ideas/experience would be appreciated!

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We used DE under an egg sharing scheme in the UK for our 3rd round of ICSI. It cost a lot more than our first 2 rounds using my eggs. As I'm over 40 we were advised to try DE. We were told 40% chance of success. We got 3 mature eggs (which I was disappointed with) and 2 developed and were transferred. Unfortunately we got our 3rd BFN. We decided to cease treatment. I don't want to undergo any more tests or treatment as I feel we have tried everything, spent huge sums of money, been through so much heartache and enough enough for us. We had 2 mcs from natural conceptions before being told we needed ICSI.

Only you know whether you can go on IF this round hasn't worked.

As our consultant said there is still so much there don't know about infertility and treatment. Frustrating!

I wish you all the best.


Thanks pm27. Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you. It is a very difficult process. We are going to try a new donor next time and keep our fingers crossed for some luck this time. We are using a Russian clinic and have paid for a package so at least that takes some of the worry out of it.



We just returned from the Czech republic. I am over 40 as well. They transferred two 5AB embryos. I also feel like I did everything well but still ended up unsuccessful. We are shocked and frustrated. We will try again.


My first DE cycle failed but our 2nd (FET from same donor) was successful and I believe it was down to taking lubion injections from 5 days before transfer and through until I was 8 weeks. Maybe something to look into?x


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