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First donor egg IVF failed ๐Ÿ˜ช

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Absolutely heartbroken, beyond words really.

We genuinely thought that having already made the hardest decision of our lives that donor eggs would work for us. Our donor gave us 5 top grade 5 day blastocysts, so a perfect crop and not something my own body could ever produce.

We transferred 2 blastocysts, 1x6aa 1x5aa so we're so excited that finally we may see a positive on our hpg. But no, another negative. I completely fell apart on Thursday.

We do have 3 in the freezer so hoping that one of these work but I am starting to think that there is something wrong me with. Why won't this work! ๐Ÿ’”.

I wasn't really prepared for donor eggs not to work, the success rates are so high I completely believed that it would work for us.

Has anyone else had donor eggs fail?


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I really know how you are feeling, I am so sorry it hasn't worked out this time. I had DE and on the first transfer I mis carried around 7 weeks, devastating after getting a BFP.

But I was successful at my next transfer which was a FET ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ I have a wee princess now. So there is every chance it will work next time for you.

Good luck and be kind to yourself



We had DE I was almost positive it didn't work on the first attempt without any to freeze it did work but lost him at 17w. Donor went again and gave us 3 good frozen so here's praying it works again xx

We used DE for our 3rd Round of ICSI and got a 3rd BFN and no frosties. The consultant didn't know why and suggested further tests for implantation failure but we decided to cease treatment. I felt disappointed as we only got 3 mature eggs (out of 6) from the donor so you are more fortunate than we were.

Hopefully your frosties will give you your BFP.

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So sorry to hear that sweetheart, what's next for you?


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Nothing in relation to treatment or adoption. We're trying to get on with life without children. I've returned to study I had to put on hold during treatment.

I wish you all the best for the future.


Aww I am so sorry it didn't work, we start DE treatment after Xmas xxx

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Good luck with your treatment sweetheart, I wish all the best and have everything crossed for you xx

So sorry to hear this xxx

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Thank you xx

Hi! We experienced IUI and ICSI rounds home - got nothing but failures and broken hearts. I'm pretty ripe age and had not so much time left. The decision of moving onto egg donation wasn't smooth and fast as well. The idea of using another woman's eggs was weird at the beginning of our new route. And all those conversations about biological relation of the baby were torturing me. Furthermore I faced all that with our so to say family's proven fertility! (All the women in my family were/are fertile except ME!) But talking to more people in the similar position and investigation on the net really helped us much. This way we found specializing on egg donation and surrogacy. We had our free consultation with the patient coordinator Josephine in London. She was going through the same thing that time so we were absolutely understood and supported.

We had 3 shots with donor eggs. 1st att - BFN. 2nd - early miscarriage. :( Only the 3rd one was our rainbow! The process does take different time periods for all of us but I believe sooner or later we're successful with it. (Furthermore, egg donation being our only possible route).

I'm so sorry for the result you've got, but take this like a further step, they will make changes into the treatment plan and they'll do next time. Sending you loads of gentle hugs, hun X

So sorry Hannah...but don't give up, really. sometimes we need to read stories of success to be inspired and ti try again but sometimes we need to know that we aren't the only one with our misfortunes, that there is someone else in the same boat. I can tell you for sure that DE IVF has high success rate BUT it's not 100%. I think you want be surprised but some women have up to 10 tries with DE to get their BFP's.. I had 3 ivf cycles, 2 of them with DE and they all failed. But I believe I could overcome it and now am waiting for ET, it must be in Jan or Feb.

Is this your first round? Where didi you have your tx?

I wish you to stay strong and take it easy! What doesn't kill us... xx

Im so sorry to hear this, I can only imagine the disappointment that you are going through! Look after yourselves!xx

hey Hanna. so sorry you have to go through thisbut don't despair and never lose your hope. maybe my experience can assure you..don't know. I ttc for more than 8 years, made 2 abortions because i was too young and stupid, then I decided to have a baby but had a miscarriage and then chemical. in addition my tubes are removed, don't even ask why, and IVF became my only option. the first 2 attempts on OE failed because of poor quality of embies. The next my decision was DE ivf, and it took me 5 more failed attempts to prove that i finally deserve to be a mother and the last round, 6th de ivf, was successful. My Anna Christina is 10 month now...

So don't tell me something is impossible!!

Wish you to be strong!x

So sorry to hear this....

I also had very bad luck w donor eggs. After deciding to use a donor our first donor choice pulled out after 6 months if waiting and then our second donor don't make enough follicles so my doctor advised I pull out to save money before she does ivf. Then I bought 7 frozen eggs from an egg bank 23 year old donor and only got one blastocyst. That one embryo didn't work so now I'm broke and pysholigically done. I do have a four year old so I'm super lucky but I really thought donor would work too.

Feeling very depressed to have gone through 3 years of ivf and procedures hormones to be left w nothing. Heartbroken

Hi Hannah

Sorry to hear about your news.

De usually has good chance with 2 cycles, so donโ€™t give up hope.

We just moved onto de with a good clinic , but know we have have no 100% chances.

Also transfer of 2 for a young egg donor was advised against for us. Twin births are risky so I would seek your doctors advice, unlike using a 30+ egg, a young egg doesnโ€™t need back up , unless your desperate for twins but remember your putting your body under extra stress and your babies.

You will get there Iโ€™m sure. Donโ€™t give up hope.

Hi hannah. I had my first donor transfer three weeks ago. Had a positive result after the two weeks. But the nurse was concerned about hcg levels, so I retested last Monday and hcg levels had gone down. I was devastated but am slowly coming to terms with it. I'm sorry it didnt work for you. X

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Sending you hugs ๐Ÿค—, it takes a while to process the pain, pick yourself up and try again. We kept going and our 9th attempt (5th with DE) was successful ๐Ÿ’™. We have a beautiful baby boy who is nearly 6 months old now. Sending you the strength to keep going xx

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