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Embryo glue??

so this is a newish thing to me, just after some advice on whether it's worth a shot? I need to ask my clinic Monday if they use it routinely as I've read a lot of clinics do now, if not can I request (and pay for it obviously) it myself? Not sure how it works... I've had 1 failed fresh cycle and am doing my first FET this cycle - currently on day 3 and start meds on day 21. I've read it can be beneficial in unexplained fertility and as our fresh cycle went as good as it could have, I have a gut feeling implantation is my issue.

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I used embryo glue on my last transfer (FET) and I am due in a few weeks.

When I was offered it by my clinic, I thought " why not? " I have spent nearly 20 grand trying to get pregnant, what is a few hundred pounds lol. I did research it a little tho and if I remember rightly the embryo glue acts like the natural product that would coat the embryo, at this stage of pregnancy if you were to get pregnant naturally, and can help implantation. I think statistically using embryo glue, gives you a 5% or higher success rate.

Hope I helped a little :-)

Best of luck,


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We paid the extra for the glue on our 3rd round. I figured £150 on top of all the money we'd spent it was small change and worth a try.

The nurse at our first clinic said it was worth trying if it was on offer.

Good luck.


I had the glue and the scratch on my last FET and something worked as we got our BFP! I think there are no downsides to it (other than the cost) so if you can get it then why not!

Good luck xx


Hi I had my first IVF cycle last year ..BPN. Because was first one they didn't use any "extras"...now soon we gonna go through second one and doctor all ready ask if we want use embryo glue 😃 We will pay £150 on top ...


spoke to my clinic and they do offer it (extra cost) the nurse said to discuss it with the doctor at my down reg scan! Easy as that! 👍 I'll be guided by them but am keen to try it after reading your stories.


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