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Hi ladies and gents,

Has anyone had embryo glue? We are due to have a FET towards the end of next week if all carry son as it is 🙏. I spoke to the embryologist today as the treatment is carried out In a different place to our clinic. She said had we thought about embryo glue? Nobody has ever mentioned it before, now I'm really confused. We had a failed fresh earlier this year and it wasn't offered then. Positive wishes to you all xx

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  • Yes darling have it. Anything to up your chances x I've had it but my clinic use it routinely x

  • Have you had your scratch?

  • Scratch??? 😫 another thing I haven't heard of. Xx

  • I got offered the scratch but on the leaflet with details of the scratch it says they only normally offer it to people with 2 failed attempts already x

  • Thanks Lotbot, maybe I will ring the embryologist again and ask for more info. Hope your journey is going well x

  • We've paid the extra £100 for embryo glue this time. It won't cause harm and who knows maybe it'll help. Some clinics seem to offer it as standard and it's cheap in comparison to the rest of the treatment so we thought we'd try it this time.

    Good luck with your treatment.

  • It's £250 at our clinic. I'm feeling we will def go with it. Still annoyed we weren't told before but hey ho. Good luck 🍀 rooting for you xx

  • I had embryo glue and I'm 20 weeks!

  • Congratulations xx

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