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Embryo Glue


Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone has experienced using embryo glue or their thoughts on it.

Does it help with implantation? Or have no effect? Ive read mixed reviews but wondered if anyone had personally used this method

Thanks in advance

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I’ve been wondering this too. We are starting our first private treatment after having our little girl and it’s apparently standard at our clinic now. Previously we didn’t get offered it and have had two BFP’s without. I’ve been reading up also and so many mixed reviews but looks like it doesn’t hurt to try it xx

I know they have it at my clinic but its never been brought up in discussion which I kinda understand as Im guessing they dont want to come across as selling other add ons if you know what I mean.

We have our consultation in a couple of week after our 1st failed IVF so going to bring this subject up to see what they say.

But like you have said wont hurt to try 😊xx

From personal anecdotal exp, I’ve had two embryo transfers, one with and one without. I got a bfp on the one I used embryo glue with so I shall use it again for future transfers x

Lil2020 in reply to Peanutchips


Think I more than likely going to seriously consider it.

Our next cycle is our last and wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t try everything I could & if I get a BFN at least I know I would have done as much as I could.

Thank you for sharing your experience 😊😘xx

Peanutchips in reply to Lil2020

It’s an inexpensive add on (compared to other things!) so I can’t see the harm in using it xx

We recently had a nurse consultation for a second FET and the nurse asked if we wanted embryo glue. We used it on our first which was bfn. The nurse told us that during lockdown the embryologists had done some research into success with embryo glue and without it and actually found that there was no difference in success to those that had used it and those that hadn’t. They said as a clinic they are no longer giving it to private patients as an option because it didn’t have a higher success rate than not using it. We have decided based on that not to use it this time x

Lil2020 in reply to Odette2016

Im definitely going to be bringing it up in my consultation.

Thank you for your feedback 😊xx

So I spoke with my embryologist about it and she said there’s no scientific evidence to show that it works but it’s certainly not going to reduce the chances, so it’s a personal decision,,,,,,, Probably doesn’t solve the issue but thought I’d share with you her opinion x

I think if it wasn’t my first time doing ivf then I would consider throwing extras in but it’s my first and I’ve personally chose not too. What ever decision you make is right for you and that’s the main thing x All the best with your journey 😊X

Lil2020 in reply to Blue1978

Yes, our 1st cycle it wasnt even a thought in my head.

I guess I trying to find any opportunities to increase my chances of implantation.

I know there could be other unexplained reasons out of my control but definitely going to discuss this with the consultant.

Thank you for your feedback 😊xx

Hello, the HFEA have some guidance on add on treatments, here’s the link to embryo glue hfea.gov.uk/treatments/trea...

Hopefully it’ll be easier for you to decide after reading some impartial advice! Good luck ladies! Xx

Lil2020 in reply to jengi

Thank you.

Much appreciated! I will have a read 😊xx

Hi there, I've had 2 transfers both using embryo glue, one worked and the other didnt. But I am choosing to have it again this cycle as I think even if it's such a small % that it may help I would rather try than not. Best of luck xx

Lil2020 in reply to Italy300618


I think that is going to be my thought process.

It going to be our last shot at IVF so might aswell give it a go 😊xx

Hi. We researched it and found a very small chance that it helped so we opted to use it and got a BFP! It was the only extra we chose and we r so glad we did!

Good luck with ur decision! X

I used it on all my rounds (3) and third round worked. The embryos for round 1/2 were poorer quality so not sure what worked in the end. I suppose u need to decide if it’s worth spending the money or if you don’t and the round isn’t successful would you wonder why? It might tip the balance slightly more in your favour x

Lil2020 in reply to penny24


I think I would always be wondering what if?

If its the last bit if extra cost we have to pay that potentially could have an impact I would be kicking myself if I didn’t try.

Definitely going to discuss with consultant & embryologist.

Thank you for sharing your story 😊xx

penny24 in reply to Lil2020

No problem, good luck. Think it £100 per transfer at my clinic x

I transferred 2 frozen 5AA blastocysts and used embryo glue and am currently 39 weeks pregnant with 1 baby so personally I would use it again! X

I’ve had it both rounds as it was free with the access package and have pregnancies from both time’s. not sure if it played a factor in getting me pregnant or not but as we could use it we did. We had a little boy last year and currently 17wks with our second little boy xx

I have had two double transfers and used glue both times. 3/4 embryos have stuck. Though I don't know how much of that is linked to the glue.

I have also read it works better with fresh transfers than frozen.

Didn’t use it the first time as nhs funded and didn’t work but that was due to having polyps, 2nd time went private and it’s automatically included in the treatment plus I had the scratch and it worked so who knows if it made a difference or not but would definitely do the same if I have baby no 2 through ivf again x

Haj123456 in reply to Becca1998

Hello how big were your polyps?i have one very small but they told me is not need to remove before ivf so i am confused now. Hope u dont mind

Becca1998 in reply to Haj123456

Hi, I don’t know what size it was but at first they thought it was 2 small ones but in the end it was one large one, my doctor was going to remove regardless of the size though he said with this polyp I stood no chance of the ivf working first time - good luck with the ivf x

Haj123456 in reply to Becca1998

Thank you! I am confused now rather if I should do ivf or not with this polyp on now...

Becca1998 in reply to Haj123456

Are you going private or NHS ? I would have thought they would just get rid of it as surely they grow and could cause other knock on effects later down the line even if it’s not effecting things at the moment . I went through NHS the first time and they didn’t notice the polyp even though I had loads of internal scans but had told lots of doctors my periods have got a lot heavier over the last 2 years but wasn’t picked up . I then moved to another hospital and had to pay and he found it straight away x

Haj123456 in reply to Becca1998

I am on nhs waiting list for a while and never been contacted... so I decided to go private. On nhs they removed the polyp a year ago but had been growing again but is not grown properly so is not really a full polyp 🤷‍♀️... they told me i can do first fresh cycle like that as may not affect and do endometrial scratching, just because im on low amh not to wait for nhs until they do hysteroscopy. Have you done hysteroscopy private?i heard is expensive...not sure what to do

Becca1998 in reply to Haj123456

Yeah I had a hysteroscopy private with the same doctor that found it which was really good to have the same doctor remove it and see the ivf through, luckily I didn’t have to pay for the operation though as I had Bupa private insurance else that would have probably cost about £2000-£3000 with the out patient appointments too but saying that they got me in for the operation in about 7 weeks . I had the scratch too as wanted to throw everything at it but the doctor did advise it as I’d recently had the polyp removed x

Haj123456 in reply to Becca1998

I see!thanks! Does bupa insurance cover ivf too??

Becca1998 in reply to Haj123456

Unfortunately not x

Haj123456 in reply to Becca1998

I thought so:) i just checked the san and its says polypoid appearance and hysteroscopy may be normal🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Lilly12255 in reply to Becca1998

Hi Becca, I also have Buppa and I am on the nhs waiting list for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy But my buppa papers say that nothing related to difficulties conceiving is covered. So I haven’t tried to go private so fat. How did it work to have them cover your hysteroscopy?

Becca1998 in reply to Lilly12255

Hi , I didn’t tell Bupa about having problems about conceiving as I had been having heavy periods for a while so after finding out about the polyp I went back to my doctors to say this is causing me problems and pain and want to see a gynaecologist so they made the referral with the nhs then I called Bupa to say I’d been referred but want to go private at a specific hospital which they arranged but didn’t mention anything to do with fertility just the symptoms I was having . I just paid the excess on my cover x

Lilly12255 in reply to Becca1998

And when you got treated at the hospital, did you say it was for fertility reasons?

Haj123456 in reply to Becca1998

Do you mind if i ask which consultant dis u see?at which clinic?maybe its worth checking with too thanks xx

I was looking into it too not sure if it worked but on the HFEA website is says it’s medium. I’m torn between embryo glue or endometrium scratching as I have two clinics in mind and one offers embroyo glue and other the scratching

jengi in reply to Shazb123

Both scratch & glue are rated amber by the HFEA. But I think there is a big price difference between the two! I had the scratch done under sedation but then my cycle was cancelled so it was a waste of money. I think if I was doing it all again, I’d probably go with the cheaper option which is the glue. It’s less invasive, scratch is another day off work. Just my thoughts of course!

I used it and I’m currently pregnant, worth every penny in my opinion.

Hi hun, yes have used it three times though first pregnancy was ectopic second one fail third one the embryo stuck in 🙏🙏🙏. There is no evidence but the Dr always recommend has it has chances to help the embryo to stuck in there and grow personally I was ready to try anything as long as it’s my Doctors recommendation. It’s worth to try between we have come long away to miss a chance if this glue could help.

Wishing you all the best hugs and love 💓

It’s worth looking into types of embryo glue as well. I didn’t realise but my clinic used a standard type for every transfer anyway - it wasn’t an addition - but they’ve also recently suggested embryogen to me which is a slightly more advanced embryo glue that helps nurture the embryos as well. It’s recommended for women with repeat MC or those that are slightly older - Don’t know if either apply to you - it’s about £450 extra x

I have had 3 embryo transfers 2 from a fresh cycle and 1 from a frozen cycle

All ended with BFN. I still request it as I don’t want to ever think what if. But it’s ultimately your decision. Good luck x

Lil2020 By default my fertility clinic is using the embryo glue it really helps. I just had my FET on October 9th 2020 and I am 4 weeks pregnant now. So I suggest to use the glue for better results. Good luck with your transfer 😍😍

Hi I didn’t use it with my first medicated Fet and got a chemical, used it with my second and got BFN!! So I’m not bothering with my next one. My clinic (Oxford fertility) said their research shows no difference. Although I hear some clinics have had positive results x

Hi I am using it on my next go , it’s are last attempt so who knows fingers crossed


It didn’t work for us but the endometrial scratch did.

Our consultant said that it’s just something their embryologist use anyway in the solution for the embryos. They don’t offer it as an extra at my clinic when asked 🤷‍♀️


I have used embryo glue first IVF attempt and I am. Now 10 weeks pregnant 🤰

I personally believe it’s well worth it🙂

Hi Lil,

I have had two transfers both BFN and the second one I used embryo glue.

On the HFEA website embryo glue is set as amber - and not red which means there aren’t enough evidence to show it actually helps with implantation, but my advise would be that if your spending so much money already on IVF there is no harm in paying extra for add ons especially if they are amber. The glue has an acid that is already present in your uterus - this just supposedly increases the acid and speeds up the implantation process.

I would advise to do it but obviously your choice - some clinics do not like add ons and don’t even have embryo glue on their list of services but then do offer it when you ask them if they have.

All the best :) x

Hi, I had embryo glue the second time around and although there’s no real ‘scientific proof’ that it works - i fell pregnant when I used it.

I’d have it again if I was to go for another round of IVF.

Used twice, both BFN waste of £310 I wouldn't bother again xx

Hi. We had a successful round of IVF last year and used embryo glue 😁

A friend who is an embryologist and been through IVF herself told me this when I asked her about it: "we use it routinely for all our transfers. There’s no strong evidence it improves rates but might benefit certain patients. It’s just a slightly more viscous solution that the embryos are put in to transfer. Haven’t heard of any negative effects & vitrolife the company who make are excellent with their research & development. A lot of private companies do charge quite a bit to use it but I think it’s worth it. It won’t harm your chances."

Hope that helps x

Hiya! I did a bit of research into this for my website, and you can read the findings here: theduff.co.uk/ivf-food-pome.... Hope that helps!

I asked my consultant about this and his said if it causes no harm no reason not too add it on!

Hi I have had three transfers, used embryo glue on the third transfer only and it was success! Best of luck on your journey xxx

I had embryo glue on both attempts. 2x BFP. Unfortunately my first BFP turned into early mc. The second attempt I used embryo glue and also had endometrial scratch and my embryo hung around and is now my 4 month old daughter! It’s personal choice, but I threw everything at it! Xx

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