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Embryo glue

Hi all

Had my scan measuring 10mm & all ready for my transfer which is booked for next Monday!

quick question if you had embryo glue in your fresh cycle & then had some embryos frozen does that mean that the frozen embryos already has the glue on it?

I have a consent form that asks if you would like to use it in the frozen cycle.

Hope you understand what I mean lol


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No idea what embryo glue is but following the post as I'm curious! X


Hi. Unfortunately they dont. The embryos are put into the embryoglue after they are thawed, and you would need to tell the clinic you want embryoglue before they are thawed. Hope this helps x


Thank you I wasn’t sure will call the clinic now xx


Hi hope,

As steph says the embryo glue is added after thawing (just before embryo is inserted into the catheter for ET)

So you will have toconsent again and pay again too.

I just read your post about FET- we both had fresh cycles last year together and shared 2ww and I’m due to start my FET next week too(!)

Will look out for your hopefully good news xx

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Hey!! Yes I do remember you, I hope you are well! Xx

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