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Start January.....way more drugs, any advise??

Seen our specialist today, results from hysteroscopy and amh all good as he expected but needed to be sure before embarking on another try. Had thrombophilia screening too today, but consultant doubts anything will show up, again doing it to rule out before another try, however we know there are clotting issues that aren't properly known yet so aren't tested for. Frustratingly, it's next year now before we can start treatment. I know that doesn't seem like long, but Christmas without my little girl (she was due 17th December), and now no hope trying, it's incredibly hard and I can't help but feel angry that waiting lists, then my cycle clashing with Christmas, all means more delays.

Anyway, he's told us he wants to use asprin, heparin and steroids in next round for best possible chance of implantation and preventing rejection. He explained they aren't regulated for fertility treatment, but used a lot and he feels are safe when used correctly. I've been doing a bit of research as he suggested, and can find nothing but one says great, next says danger arguments for steroids in particular. OH has spermicidal antibodies, so again possibly help prevent my body rejecting an embryo and help better implantation for placental growth. My daughter died due to placental abruption, so again, I can see his theory here.

Does anyone have any advice on these drugs. My heart says he's right, my logical brain is hanging on the danger warnings 😢


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I am not a doctor and know the pain of loss....

Given this is our last chance we are taking whatever is thrown at us.

So moving forward we have done the following:

Good health or as best as

Eating heathy or as best as

No drinking and no smoking but don't anyway a




Gonal f



Lots of water

Heat on my belly prior egg collection

Finally lots of love and prayers....

And not giving up until it's the end.....

Follow your gut and good luck


Apart from the additional meds we're doing all the above, including no hair colouring (I'm a hairdresser and the smell made me so sick when pregnant with my daughter), no caffeine other than the occasional bit of chocolate. Very best of luck to you for this round xxx

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I was diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome / APS after recurrent miscarriage. It is a blood clotting disorder, which is the one I assume you are being tested for and takes a few months for results. Because of this, I will be on heparin and aspirin from when I get a positive test result but have not been advised to take it any sooner than this. I think some people do take it from ec + 8 days but my consultant said it would make little difference to take it early. It's worth going over to the Hughes Syndrome page on healthunlocked and the official Hughes Syndrome website as these may answer some questions for you if this is what you have. I also read a paper that describes various drugs that can be used to help the IVF process, both aspirin and heparin are listed there but results were inconclusive unless you have thrombophilia.

I think steroids are given if you have lupus but I could be completely wrong. It's just that I know that some Hughes patients also have lupus and I have heard of steroids being prescribed for them along with the anticoagulants.


Just re-read your post and saw you had placental abruption. This may fit with Hughes syndrome. The idea of Hughes is that your blood becomes sticky when you're pregnant and it affects the placenta. It can cause early mc. But to be diagnosed, you have to be positive for the antibodies twice with some months between tests, maybe this is why they have pushed you out to the new year. Hopefully you will get some answers from that testing.


The specialists aren't even convinced they'll have anything show up from the tests, the hospital said to me the test is a month turn around, several being done I believe, but it's Southampton general/Princess Anne hospital (where one born every minute is filmed), apparently they have a very big lab from what nurse told me today. OH has spermicidal antibodies, autoimmune disorder as lupas is. From what I've read the theories are anticoagulation meds to improve blood flow to the womb, steroids to reduce rejection of an embryo and improve better implantation. But as yourspecialist has said, there appears to be little evidence to support either way, apparently because there are so many variables (we are all different, no two treatments are the same!) So hard to get sufficient data at the moment, so it's a kind of a just in case for many of us so it seems. Thank you for replying and good luck to you xx

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Sorry hun, only just seen your second message lol. Consultant isn't even convinced that there will be anything as I was four months when my daughter way born, not like the early losses we've had naturally years ago, and she was long for her age, no growth issues etc, so he said he'll be shocked if there is anything blood wise because of how well the placenta did work. He was more concerned there would be womb issues but they have been ruled out from hysteroscopy results, so I guess OH antibody issues may be playing a larger part than we'd hoped. So frustrating, for as much as medical science can do, there's still so much they don't know yet isn't there!


Just remembered I took steroids too but only for 4 days after ec. I assumed this was normal protocol. I took antibiotics during that time too. I think you're right about the steroids - they suppress your immunity slightly so that the embryo takes better. At least that's what I think I read at the time.

At least they are doing all they can for you and they are testing for various things. It may give you some answers hopefully. After my second mc, I was tested for pretty much everything and then after the 3rd had karyotyping too. There are a lot of tests they can do these days, it's just a case of getting the right ones done.

You do hear success stories for aspirin and heparin though - worth trying and I don't think they can harm the pregnancy or you. Although you will be like a pure pin cushion by the end of it!

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Lol well yes pin cushion I'm sure! Very frustrated to only be hearing of these tests now after loosing now 4 times, after nearly a decade of ttc, but hey that's the nhs for you. Just so exhausted. Yes read lots of success stories, however he did warn me today of some risks such as problems stopping any bleeding if you were to cut yourself etc (I'm a hairdresser 😯) and that does worry me because I bled most of my pregnancy, obviously unaware it was because of the abruption. Who knows what's best eh!

Thank you for all your advice and info, and just listening to me waffle on lol. Don't know where you are in your journey, but I wish you the very best xx


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