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7th fail no embies left

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been on here. Thankyou to all those who wished me luck for my 0td last week but unfortunately it was negative again, had a really tough week.

Well that was our 7th attempt (1 fresh and 6 fet) only one worked resulting in early miscarriage at xmas. This time I also had an endoscratch. We have no embryos left frozen so will need to start from scratch on our 3rd and final round. We get married in 3mth so we are going to focus on that and start at the end of the year or beginning of next, really nervous tho as I had severe ohss last time after egg collection that became life threatening and I was hospitalised after producing 40plus follicles. I would do anything for another chance tho.

In the meantime we have looked at NK cell testing and are going to contact a private clinic that does this in Liverpool and pay to see if this is maybe something preventing implantation as I believe I may have an aggressive womb as all other tests are OK.

If it comes back with a high no. of nk cells we will speak to our own clinic about paying for the intralipid treatment and steroids they offer private alongside ivf.

Is there anyone else who has had NK cell testing after recurrent implantation failure and used steroids / intralipids and had a positive result? I ask as looking for a little bit of hope as these tests and possible treatments are quite expensive.

Thanks xx

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I'm really sorry to hear this flossy. Sending you lots of love, take care x x x



I am so so sorry. I see you mention NK testing look up Professor Quenby she is renown for what she does and is based in Coventry. Last time I checked it was £360 for a test. No harm in looking she has good feedback xx


Sorry to hear this Flossy. Don't know about the tests you mention but definitely ask around and do some research before you embark on another round XX


I'm really sorry you got another BFN. I didn't have NK tests done but if we wanted to try again (3 rounds of ICSI = 3 BFNs) were advised to have further tests done at very condiderable cost. Our first clinic did give me steroids as part of the treatment but the second clinic didn't as it wasn't their standard practice. I think they suspect implantation issues as no luck with DE either.

Enjoy focusing on the wedding plans.


Hello, sorry to hear you've had a bad week. This whole process is such an emotional rollercoaster. I am currently on my 2ww and started steriods for high nk cells the day of my transfer after testing positive for in in jan.

I had my test done at coventry hospital where professor Siobhan Quinby heads up the unit. She is the lead on implantation failure in the uk. They charge £370 for the test and put all the money back into implantation research. A scrape is included in this price and a biopsy taken from the womb lining. With the results they tell you the best course of treatment. They don't support lipids there and feel their research results show steriods only to help the cause. Maybe worth contacting them and asking some questions before deciding who to go with. Hope all your wedding planning is going well. Least you have lots of nice things to look forward to this year! 😄 X


I am sorry to hear this Flossy, can only imagine it's been a rotten week. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and be super kind to yourself. Getting stuck into your wedding is a great idea, take time to celebrate you and your OH xx


Sorry to hear that. Take care of yourself xxx


So sorry Flossy. Thinking of you and hoping you can focus on your wedding and then be in a better place to think about your next steps. Sending love and support xxx


Sorry to hear that flossy, look after yourself! I hope you can enjoy the run up to your big day just around the corner! Good luck with it all!x


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