Follow up appointment done ✔️

Well had our follow up appointment today and the good news is because it's DE cycle and no heavy drugs we can start again next period. So between now and then I am having the scratch and blood tests to check my thyroid and for anti bodies that could attack the embryo. Also as well as pessaries next time I will have injection progesterone to support implantation. We discussed having two embryos transferred but he still feels as they are all top quality blasts one would be better and if it was to fail again then we can look at further tests and double transfer. So feeling happy with today's outcome and hoping it's 5th time lucky xxx

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  • :-)

  • Sounds really good and exciting

    Wishing you lots of luck and lots of baby dust xxx

  • Very positive and good news

  • I'm glad you've come away feeling positive. Sometimes it's a relief to know there is a plan in place to work with. It's great that you can go straight on to another cycle. We all know how tough waiting is! Good luck Button. Xx

  • I defo feel calmer once I have a plan x

  • That's good news. So just get cracking gurl 😘🙏

  • ❤️

  • Best of luck xx

  • So pleased you had such a constructive discussion. X

  • Some good positive news there button, here's hoping for 5th time lucky for you 🙏🏻 Xxx

  • This all sounds really positive 😊 These are the extra progesterone injections that I want but been told I can't have them 😢 I just know that it will work for you at some point. I just have a feeling about it all! I'm going to request another scratch before my next round too, horrible things but all worth it if it works xx

  • Why won't they let you have them?? Yes dreading the scratch, think it's worst 2nd time as you know what's coming lol xx

  • I don't know really. When I questioned my progesterone levels and having them tested they refused and then said some clinics don't even offer the pessaries as there merely there for support and that my body should produce it anyway if I was pregnant!! It's all so frustrating and feel like maybe it's a cost thing with it being nhs. I'm going to push it again when I go for my pre treatment meeting. Do you think my docs would test my progesterone? xx

  • I told mine I felt like my period was coming even before transfer and all through 2ww and that's when he suggested the injections aswell as pessaries. If you have no joy defo try your GP and see if you can take more pessaries than two x

  • I started taking 3 this time, not on advice from clinic but more my own research and that they give 3 as standard in Sweden! Think I'll go the docs and see if they will test me, least I'll have proof then if they're low xx

  • Yes the body should support it during pregnancy but for some it doesn't and the injections can help with it. It seems it's different protocol different hospitals follow x

  • Think they are focusing on this for me as I have had two implant but not progress x

  • They have now started to focus with progesterone while pregnant with me also due to pregnancies not progressing they have tested all of my bloods to see if there is a problem anywhere and it come up with the lupus anti coagulant . Worth asking for all these to be tested xx

  • Do you have to take anything for that?? X

  • They are still in process of diagnosing so I'm at a loose end with it at the moment. But if it is lupus or APS there isn't treatment for it other than steroids if severe enough. But lupus can affect pregnancies and is sometimes associated with Miss carriage xx

  • Glad you've had some good news xxx

  • Sounds like a really positive appointment. You have some good embryos frozen and am sure one of them will do the trick for you. Good luck 🍀

  • Wishing you all the very best button -123

  • This is great news Button :) I'm loving the positivity even with all the lows that life throws at us it's good that we always come back fighting. I really hope everything goes well for you x

  • Good luck Button! Keeping our fingers crossed for you that this is the one xx

  • Fifth time lucky for you I play.. Same as me.. Glad you can get moving quickly again.. Wishing you loads of love and luck xxx

  • Really pleased it was a positive meeting. You just feel people are on your side & it's a team effort shown when decisions are made/changes are suggested and a plan forward is discussed, I think it makes you feel less alone sometimes doesn't it. It's good to try new things/run blood tests & at least you feel things are thorough that way & the consultant is covering the bases & just not being flippant & trying nothing different. No one person is the same & it's a shame IVF is often treated like that when it's certainly not a case that one size fits all. I know here in Oz they're reticent to transfer more than one but they seem more open to that in Uk I think. At least u have some other good blasts to work with and hopefully get a few more things checked off and set your mind at rest.

    Really pleased you have the next steps planned and I wish you all the luck in the world for your next cycle 😘

  • Great that it all went well Button! Its good to have a plan going forward and that you sound positive!xx

  • That's good news lovely 😊

  • Hi Button,

    I know that this has not been a great time for you. But these new options do sound very positive. I have read lots of great things about the scratch! I'm crossing my fingers for you to be 5th time lucky! 🍀 🤞😊

  • Wishing you all the v best for your next cycle , 😘 xxx

  • Thats great news that u can start again looks like a plan.x. all the best button.will be thinking of

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