Too high AMH and egg sharing

Hi there xx just wondering if anybody here with same problem .. goin thru Icsi because partner had vasectomy years ago .. thought everything was fine with me .. but AMH level is 60 .. any experience with GCMR glasgow also any experience with FSH injections and Cetrotide/orgalutran injections xx also if u egg sharing do u hv to pay some of your treatment .. we alredy paid like 650 for blood tests and conzultations .. x just over thinking again :)

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  • Hi Miroslavas. Have you been given a reason for your high AMH level? Perhaps it is due to polycystic ovaries? I think that your clinic is trying to prevent you over stimulating – my thoughts. Regarding egg sharing, each clinic has their own set of criteria over this, so you would need to do a bit of homework and see what they offer. If you have a look at the following website you will be able to see what clinics can offer you. Hope all works out successfully for you. Diane

  • Hi I also have high AMH (63) its almost doubled in the last 2 years since I had my first treatment. my doctor doesn't seem to think its anything to worry about. Iv had 3 cycles of ICSI and have not suffered over stimulation. I'm down in Newcastle and taking different meds so cant help you with that sorry. From what I've read you do still pay when you egg share but its not the full amount as the person using your eggs pays a part of your treatment amount in return for your eggs. Good Luck xxx

  • Thanx for your reply . Looks like different everywhere with high amh levels .. think a will hv to just wait and see myself .. hopefully there wont be any complications andmy body will behave x they also say higher lever the more eggs they can collect but thats individual as well xx didnt read your story from start but hope it will have happy ending . X

  • Hi high levels don't always mean lots of eggs. Iv only got to egg collection twice the first time they only got 1egg the second 3, of which 2/3 became embryos. I think I just have a weird body as I had lots of follicles of a good size but very few eggs. Wishing you success on your journey. xxx

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