High AMH - scared of OHSS

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I'm due to start injections next week. I'm on short protocol so just waiting for my period to start. I have a really high AMH (7 ng/mL) so I've been told I'm at risk of OHSS. We're doing IVF due to MFI so technically everything else should be fine.

Has anyone else got experience of avoiding OHSS with high AMH?

This group is great - thanks for the support!

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  • I have a high Amh as I have pcos.

    To help with ohss I was on a low dose of merinol.

    I drank lots of water and had a good diet.

  • Thank you - I will try my best with the water!

  • They put me on metformin to prevent me from developing OHSS from the beginning of our treatment. I didn't get it at all either cycle and had over 40 follicles on one of my cycles!

    Good luck 🍀

  • They haven't mentioned metformin to me. They just said I was on a low dose and would keep an eye on everything. Really hope that's enough!

  • You will be fine I'm sure and they are really good at monitoring and spotting the early signs. I got told you could only get OHSS after egg collection had been done.

  • I had ohss when I have my eggs retrieved so couldn't do afresh cycle. Now just started meds for a FET and injecting cetrotide from day 2 and taking 3 x pills (pr..something) to thicken the lining. Just not sure why I'm injecting????

  • I think cetrotide is to stop your natural ovulation? My doctor also mentioned the possibility of having to do an FET but that's not covered by our insurance. I suppose whatever's best for success! Good luck with your transfer!

  • Thanks. Yes I think it's to stop ovulation but I have followed others who are just doing the lining thickening tablets and not the jabs? It's a shame they didn't explain it to me. We went for the consultation, refilled the forms again. Made appointment for a scan to check womb lining, nurse rang the next day to say all good so what did I want to do. I said start doing what ever I need to do for a FET so she arranged for the drug company to send the drugs, asked if I had been shown how to do the injections. When I said no she explained over the phone! That was it!! I have struggled with mixing the injections as well! Really bad I think, considering the cost! Anyway onwards and upwards! X

  • Yeah - not ideal at all! Do you know what you need to do now? I'd keep pestering them until you're confident with everything.

  • I am booked in for a scan on day 12 to see what thevlining is like so will ask some more questions then! Thanks

  • Hi I'm at risk of OHSS so they put me on a low dose of menopur, and they've been monitoring me a bit more. Ive been stimming for a week now and already had 2 scans which seem to look ok, my next ones not til next wed then I should do EC next fri. The consultants should keep an eye on you and increase/ decrease the drugs if they need to. Good luck! X

  • Thanks that gives me hope - that's what my clinic will also be doing. I was just nervous that my AMH meant it was almost a full gone conclusion - hopefully not :)

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