FSH high and AMH low!

Since my laparoscopy for endometriosis diagnosis 17 days ago my life is a rollercoaster. I'm still having pain in my lower back and pelvis, muscular ache...Now my hormones looks pretty bad too! FSH=12.7 mUI/mL, AMH=1.1ng/mL and only 7 antral follicles.

I'm looking for people with similar experiences...thank u!

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  • Hi Chemby, I'm not sure I'd get too caught up on the hormone levels. They have seen 7 Antral follicles so that's a good start. To give you an idea, I had amh of 3pmol/ml (different units to you so not sure how that relates but a quick google tells me your levels are 2.5pmol/ml) and they saw 5 Antral follicles. When I did my cycle, they put me on a high dose of hormones to respond better. Even at that, I only ended up responding on one ovary with 4 follicles; 3 were mature and fertilised. I was lucky enough to get 2 blastocysts that both implanted. I would say with low numbers they should start you on a high dosage of gonal F (max is 450IU, I was on 375IU). Anything is possible so just try and see the positives in the procedure - with low amh if you leave it to nature you may not get the best quality eggs fertilising but in the lab they will know what quality they are and in my mind, this gives the better chance of success if they then transfer good quality embryos. Success rate is still low but better than leaving it to chance.

    If you're finding it all a bit daunting, then maybe think about counselling to help you through. And of course, this forum is great to share experiences and the ups and downs of it all. Best of luck, it's easy to feel disheartened with this process but don't lose hope now before you've even started treatment!

  • This is one of the most helpful comments I've ever read. My journey is just starting... (Comment below) thank you for sharing TLove: you're always so helpful) xx

  • Thanks Emu! I was similar to you, I think you have to give your own eggs a try first and my consultant was very encouraging about that. It sounds like they are giving you a good chance with such a high dosage, so I hope it works out for you. Good luck starting out on your journey! x

  • Thank you tlove! Replies like yours make me less disheartened 😊

  • Keep strong Chemby x

  • Hi I have low amh and high fsh I did get pregnant on our 2nd cycle, sadly we lost the pregnancy but my point is I did get pregnant X

  • I thought I should write this to encourage you. I had my 2nd lap in March (stage 4 endo) and pain has significantly reduced. AMH 4 FSH 20, every medical practitioner I have met has suggested donor egg but I'm staying positive that ICSI using my own eggs will produce healthy babies. It's super stressful on this journey but do stay strong xxx

  • Hello.... Me... I'm just starting my treatment... Starting with provera... All drugs delivered yesterday. High FSH (18.1) Low AMH... Low AFC... I'll start on short protocol Gonal F (450IU)

    Have to try with own eggs - I'd always wonder otherwise... I'm so nervous but this forum has been great for positive hope from people in similar situations. I follow people who are similar so I can see how their journey is going.

    Good luck X

  • Hi emu2016, yeah that's what I do too (follow people in similar shoes as me so I know how it goes) I think I have been on the longest protocol ever, I have been on buserelin injections since 12th May and on Gonal F since 3rd of June, at this point I am praying it turns out to be a positive ending with all the injections, trips for scans etc.

    How did you get to be on 450IU Gonal F? Are you on the NHS? My clinic refused to increase mine. I was on 300IU and today is my last day on injections.

    I'll PM you to avoid turning chemby's post to ours xx

  • Hi my fsh is in the 30s and amh is 0.4. After failing our first IVF cycle a very nice consultant told me that it's very unlikely that I will be able to have children with my own eggs. I called him nice because he said it so kindly even though it was a horrible thing to say. Luckily for us another consultant became involved and he's given us a second IVF attempt on this weird and wonderful protocol which has all the clinic staff baffled. My husband and I are praying for a miracle x

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