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Laparoscopy no endo and all the pain!

I have had 4 laps over the last 4 years and they have all shown endometriosis. My last lap showed no endo so consultant said my pain must be something else? I am very familour with the pain now and I am perplexed to say the least! I have started Zoladex injections 3 weeks ago and so far so good. Can you have endometriosis without it being seen on laparoscopy?

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I had my first lap in Jan last year, they found mild endo in my pouch of douglas which i had ablated. I then had six months zoladex and six months depo so was sill in menopause on my second lap in may this year. They found no endo but my fallopian tubes were blocked which they managed to clear.

I was very upset as felt it took me years to sort the problem then they were saying its not it.

Gynae said it was prob gastro pain but know its gynae.

I saw gp and they spoke about neuropathic pain and have put me on meds for that. I have to say it seems to be really helping, good luckxxx


Yes you can. Firstly, regardless of how good your consultant is s/he might have missed something. Secondly, implants can be tiny - virtually microscopic. I don't have a great deal of faith in doctors who just jump to the conclusion that 'it must be something else' - particularly when you've already had a past diagnosis. We tend to know our own bodies and know what the endo feels like don't we? Having said that - other things can cause pain (e.g. adhesions), lasting nerve pain caused initially by endo damage.

I'm glad in any case that the Zoladex is helping... though the fact that it has would suggest active endo to me.


Thank you for your reply. I do hope the Zoladex continues to work :)


Endo cannot be ruled out, only ruled in. So the surgeon may have missed some endo, however it is also worth investigating adenomyosis which is a very similar condition to endo but only grows hidden within mucscle walls of the uterus and wouldn't always bee noticeable in a lap op, but can still give you all the symptoms of endo.

It is easier to spot with an MRI scan done on the uterus while you are on a period.

Have a look at Danielle's website on all things adeno.


She is a member of this forum too.

Well worth checking that and seeing if there is adeno.

It is possible to have one or the other or both conditions.

Whenever there is a lap showing no endo, but the patient is still having the same monthly cycle of symptoms as endo - then adenomyosis must be the next target to check for.

Read up about it and get back to your GP or gynaecologist to ask for that to be checked. If the scans prove negative for adeno, then you are left with hidden endo, or nerve damage from previous surgery as the cause.


Hi thanks for your response I have been checked for adenomyosis and nothing was found.


I use the IUD for a couple months and did help a lot to reverse the adenomyosis. Ask your Dr about it.


If they done an ablation previously it can make it really hard to spot if you have a look on gynaecology.me there is a video on there explaining this. X


Yes they did and thank you! Thank you to all you ladies this site has helped me so much over the years x


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