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Pain After four Months of lap


I had endometriosis stage 4, cyst size was 9 cm on my left size , I had made my lap 4 months ago everything has gone in a perfect way even after a complicated surgery I was able to get back to my activities after only four weeks I was feeling great in all last four months but one week ago I started to feel bad I had a pain my left side, the pain increase with time, that's end up with a painful day on time I'm writing this post. Does anyone know why I am feeling such bad? Is that a sign for something going wrong. I am really so worry.

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I am in a similar situation. I had my lap nearly 12 weeks ago, I still had some aches and pains after about 4/5 weeks but since then I have been doing great. Still get pain around ovulation, but nowhere near as bad as it was before the lap. The past week and a half I've been getting cramps on and off and they seem to be getting worse. I am getting worried something is wrong or wondering if it could still be healing inside.

Sorry I cannot offer any advice but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone xx


Are you having any medication, Mirena etc to stop your endo returning after your lap? X

Miral in reply to Hidden

Yes I toke a dose of Lupron 11.2 and should take another dose another three months

Hello ladies,

I had a laparoscopy to excise modetate/severe endometriosis 8 weeks ago.

They said they had pretty much removed it all. 3 weeks post surgery I was rushed into hospital by ambulance due to pain, and since the lap i eas still experiencing endo symptoms. I had tests done & a lovely lady came to see me and said that it was probably my endometriosis coming back. I was distraught, I rang my consultant and 2 weeks later I went to see my consultants registar, she was amazing, she listened and understood what I was saying and literally said "it's not all in your head, what you're saying is real". Again I broke down because she actually knew what I was on about. My boyfriend asked what the success rates from excision surgery are and she said it is the best treatment for endo but everyone is different, some people can go years without any symptoms and some people's symptoms return pretty much straight away. This was hard to hear but it was a relief to know i wasn't imagining it. I also had the mirena coil inserted during surgery, I have to go back to see my consultant in just over a month to see how I am getting on, if I'm not better they are going to discuss different treatment options. My symptoms are worse than before I had the excision surgery and I have new symptoms too.

I'm sorry to say this ladies but just thought it may help you?

I'm distraught that my endometriosis re turned so quickly, but it's just something I've got to learn to live with.

Hugs to you xxx

Often it's not that it's returned it's that a thorough excision job wasn't carried out,

Please ensure that you are all reffered to a bsge specialist centre so a specialist can excise your endo, general gyne often miss endo in certain areas, xx

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