Still in pain after lap

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if it's quite normal to still have pain 3 weeks after lap.

It was easing up but this afternoon I have pain in my lower left side, in my mind in feels like it's coming from my ovary.

I had endometriosis removed from around the ovaries, bowel & bladder.

I'm so tired as well.

But does this all sound quite normal?


Louise xx

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  • Hi this is quite normal and 3 weeks is still early days. It can take up to 6 months to properly heal inside. Hope you start to feel better soo.

  • It's definitely normal as things are trying to heal internally, it takes a few months but if you have any concerns see your GP or consultant x

  • Thank you, ended up

    going to A&E as was in so much pain.

    More antibiotics for me :-(


  • Hope you are ok! What did they say at the hospital? I'm four weeks post lap and my pain seems worse than before 😞 Xx

  • Thank you sunshine, sorry to hear you are still poorly. Are you getting bad pain?

    To be honest don't think they really know!

    They have given me antibiotics & pain killers.

    I think there is something wrong with my bladder!

    Lou xx

  • Hope you feel better soon! Yes I am. I had antibiotics as the doctor thought I had an infection but it turned out I didn't. I'll probably make a trip to the doctors Friday just to get check out. Xx

  • Best to get it checked.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Take Care,

    Lou xx

  • Hope your'e feeling better today?

    I'm await on Surgery to remove Endo from same location.

    Earlier this year I had my diagnostic lap, and was shocked by how terrible I felt, lasted up to 3wks. Turned out I was allergic to the antibiotics they had given me!

    Wishing you a speedy recovering and pain free soon X

  • Oh no, antibiotics are nasty aren't they.

    Hope you get your appointment through soon & hope you have a quick recovery.


    Lou xx

  • Thank you

    Would be nice to hear how you are getting on.

    Best wishes to you xx

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