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End back 3 weeks after lap, is this possible?!

Hi! So I had a laparoscopy in november and was treated for mild endometriosis. This is the second time the last one was 2007. 3 weeks later I got really bad pain in the tummy button area then lower right side i was taken in to hosp with expected appendicitis but they sent me to the gynae ward because of lap. After lots of ultra sounds and tests they sent me home saying that it was a ruptured cyst even though there was no proof of any cyst I was still taking morphine for the pain until I left. I stayed home for 4 days in agony then got re-admitted again on morphine they kept saying that it was severe endometriosis so I asked how that can happen when I only just had treatment for mild endo. They just said oh sometimes its hidden and they won't find it. They sent me home with tramadol and said that the only thing I can do is take that for the pain (which doesn't get rid of it) or have zoladex and HRT and I that this is my best option and to book with my GP to do it. So I call my GP make an appt and they have no idea what dosage I need how it really works and are also concerned about me taken HRT at 32. So know I am freaking out what to do!

I just doesn't make sense how if it is severe endo why wasn't it seen on lap? Should I have another one to check? I feel like it was an easy diagnosis and now I'm just being fobbed off with zoladex and HRT that I'm not comfortable with.

So basically I don't know what to do!! Can anyone help me?!!!!!

Thanks in advance

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Hi was your lap done by an endometriosis specialist or general gynaecologist? A general gynaecologist wouldn't necessarily even recognise endo or look too deep for it so I would suspect you've had some missed .


Thanks for your reply. It was a general gynaecologist. I just wondered as its so much more painful now how could they miss that much!!


They are just not qualified enough for this horrible disease.. I would ask to be referred to a endometriosis specialist in BSGE centre. Lindle on here is a great help in trying to get referrals.. Good luck


Thank you so much. I go to a hospital that I noticed was on the BSGE list. I don't get it all. I'll push for a referral! Thanks for your help.


No problem Hun. Take care


Hi there, sorry to hear you're going through this. It is possible for endo to come back and be symptomatic quite quickly. However if it has been correctly excised then it shouldn't cause anything like the pain you describe.

Make sure you are being seen at an endo centre by an endo specialist. bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

What I would personally do if I were in your position is go to the gp and ask for copies of your discharge letters from hospital ie. What the consultant sends to the gp to inform them of what type of surgery was carried out, diagnosis etc.

(Excision surgery is best, by a skilled surgeon who can remove it all). Also Google the name of the doctors who carried out your surgeries (or simply ask the gp) to find out what they specialise in, if they are general gynae etc then you're seeing the wrong person.

Next I would find out the name of a specialist at the endo centre closest to you (see above link) and if you can afford it book to see them privately within the next few weeks to get advice re. your treatment. (They will usually do some work in local private hospital as well as nhs - consult is about £150)

Hopefully after that your gp can refer you through to the endo centre quickly (you can ask your gp for referral now, but wait for appt could be 6months plus - if you pay for the consult sometimes the surgeon will mark you straight for surgery when the nhs referral comes through rather than delaying things, or alternatively they might be able to recommend a better treatment for you that wouldn't involved surgery)

Hope all that makes sense, I think the main thing is you can't go on in this much pain. Wishing you all the best for getting things sorted xx


Thank you. I'm seeing my GP today about zoladex and HRT as she isn't that happy about giving it to me. The hospital nearest us has a endometriosis centre I will ask to be referred and try and get a private consultation before hand.

Thanks for your advice.


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