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Infections Post Operation

Hi, I had a Lap last tuesday (16 days ago) I had endo, cyst removed and my merena coil taken out (only had this in for 16 months). i was recovering well upto a week later, i was going to the loo ok, stitches removed, all going really well and pleased that it was all over and i can start living again.

Oh No.... tuesday start feeling shivery and aches went to GP, no urine infection, poss withdrawal from not taking Tramdol painkillers as i had been taking them for 8 weeks , told to go back if any more problems, rest and eat soft plain foods after all i had had an operation, well it went down hill after that felt so rough, barely able to move and intense pain from my lady bits upto ribs and around my back on left side, and also very very tearful.GP again friday morning was told had urine infection, put on antibiotics, ok fine. 12 hours later and three antibiotics later really intense pain,mentally in a mess.

GP out of hours tells me no urine infection showing, well what the hell is wrong with me then ????? he thinks more a gastric infection keep taking antibiotics, couple of painkillers to knock me out thru the night.

Well i did sleep felt like poo when i woke up but at least i feel 5% better today and able to write this.

I was up until December just gone a reasonably heathy 34 year old with 2 children.

Can anyone shed any light on this !!!!! Oh' please, Kind Regards

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Call the hospital or visit A&E.

Your gynae ward should have given you a discharge letter with a telephone number on it. Call them immediately with your symtoms. They always say call us if you have any problems and clearly you do have. they know that there is always a small risk of something going wrong post op, and with gyane surgery the NHS booklet gives you the approximate risks.

It does sound like an infection, but it doesn't mean you are on the right set of antibiotics, you could be resistant to them.

Also it does take longer than 24hrs to combat some infections, so you can expect to get worse before you get better.

It is still worth calling them, especially at the weekend when the gynae ward is not so busy at all, but is still staffed.


I had a lap and an infection. Lasted 7 months. Water infection, no water infection turns out massive pelvic infection once I had another lap. 8 courses of antiobiotics. Still twinges now 18 months later.


any news sheri? How are you coping?


feeling much better thankyou, whatever i had infection or not antibitoics seemed to fix the problem, very tired, having a very chilled week and hopefully will make a full recovery, problem got better since i posted on here so didnt feel the need for A&E, but next time im not hanging around, thanks for your response xx


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