Post operation!

Post operation!

On Wednesday I went into hospital for my laparoscopy, ovarian cystectomy, hysteroscopy, mirena coil fit, endometriosis diagnosis and possible removal, tube treatment and biopsies. I was told I'd be out on Wednesday night but wasn't discharged until Thursday late afternoon. After what I can only describe as a hellish time in hospital involving absolutely no sleep, constant obs but also comfort from the loveliest nurses, I am ecstatic to be home.

I woke up in recovery and was told that my cyst had been removed and that I had endometriosis but will find out more in my post op appointment in a few weeks time. 

My cannula had apparently bent in my hand so I wasn't getting the fluids I needed and I had been fitted with a catheter to help me go to the toilet properly. 

Thursday morning I was assisted getting out of bed, but when I did I almost fainted in the bathroom and was taken straight back to bed. 

It's been days since my operation and the post operation pain is ridiculous. I'm in constant pain and i'm really hoping that it'll go soon enough. 

I've managed to have a soak in the bath and I've taken my dressings off to help them heal faster. 

My wishes are with all of my fellow endo sufferers and I will update after my post op appointment xxxx

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  • Hi Hun glad you're home. Make sure you keep pain relief up and if you're still getting any gas pains try peppermint tea. Get plenty of rest and look after yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Thanks so much Jean. 

    The nurses warned me about all the gas I'll be releasing after the operation haha. 

    Missing the morphine from the hospital :( 

    It feels like the pain I had before and that's what's scaring me a little bit xxx

  • Yeah I know what you mean. Had hysterectomy/BSO and excision 3rd March and still getting pain. Think it's just healing though. Take care Hun.

  • I hope you start to feel better. Fingers crossed we're on the mend soon xxx

  • I second about the peppermint tea - great for the gas and I found it was soothing my tummy. I know exactly what you mean by hellish post op pain - I felt the same (had my lap on 16th of March). Make sure you take your meds on time (I was on paracetamol, diclofenac and dihydrocodeine, felt like I was on Mars most of the time haha), you'll get better and take each day as it comes. It's been nearly 4 weeks since my lap and I'm pretty much back to normal, I get the occasional twinge if I do too much and today was the first day I took my dog out a walk (felt like a great achievement). Sending hugs to you, hope you will get better soon! 

  • Thanks so much for the reply!

    I've also found that the tea helps! Couldn't believe the amount of gas after the op! Haha. 

    Sadly I've only been given paracetamol but if i carry on struggling I'll have to ask to be prescribed something else at this rate. 

    I'm also finding moving and washing to be quite the challenge. 

    Well done on being able to walk your dog! Just take it one step at a time. 

    Glad you're on the mend x

  • Get some ibuprofen as well but if you're still sore then don't hesitate to phone the hospital or your GP to get stronger meds (they are there to help you). The gas is a horrendous thing but it will pass (mine is totally gone now, just bruising on my tummy). 

    Remember to take plenty of rest, washing can wait :) hope you're feeling better soon x

  • Yeah I've managed to get some too and will definitely contact my GP if it continues, thought it was weird I didn't get pain relief more after the op. 

    I'm glad that you're feeling better! I've managed to wash so feel a little bit better too x

  • Glad you are home! Hope you feel better soon! 

    I'm having my op soonish and I hope Idon't have any problems like you had xxx

  • Thank you so much!

    Fingers crossed that your operation goes as hoped. 

    Keep us updated! Xxxx

  • Welcome home and make sure you take it really easy and don't listen to anyone who says that you should be feeling better by a certain date, just go at your own pace. Hope you feel better soon. X 

  • Thanks so much for this reply, it really did comfort me. It's not nice when people give a date you should be better by as everybody is different! X

  • I've had it heaps, I know they mean well but they don't know you as as you know yourself. Take a few steps round the house when you can just to release the gas a bit (!). Keep well X 

  • Exactly! I'd rather take a bit more time anyway to make sure I'm definitely okay to go back to work and move properly again. I don't think people always realise what an effect these kinds of operations can have on someone. 

    Thank you so much :) x

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