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Please someone help me re a laparotomy

I'm due to have ( major surgery) so I've been told on tues 19th feb,

I have severe Endo which is all around my uterus bowels ect, but after 4 stats at hospital finally had an MRI scan to say I had adeyomiosis!!

So I've been told I need to have surgery to remove part Ov my uterus plus I'm having a urologist also to cut away at Endo around my urethra!

So I go for my pre op to be told that I'm having a laparotomy which I said what's that? To be looked at like I'm thick n I should no! Basically they said it was either a cut on bikini line or from public bone to belly n it means until they open me up they don't no how bad it is!!:-( n then she said n we will remove ur cysts n fibroids!!(didn't even no I had them)

Has anyone had this treatment or give me any advise? I'm petrified n also told to take a pillow to hold after to help protect my scar!!pleAse I hope someone can shed me some hope help on what to expect! Andrea.x

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It sounds like you have what I had. A laporotamy is key hole surgery, but if cut along bikini line or midline which is up to belly button, then this is open surgery and a major op.

Are the yremoving part or all of your uterus? This is your womb and effectively a hysterectomy...you need to ask the question as they are not making this clear.

I had a total hysterectomy for all the symptoms you have....but my gynae surgeon explained that because very extensive( had MRI and he did a laporotamy because was removing ovarian cysts...found severe stage4 so no other option as around bowel bladder etc.

They may be doing laporotamy to start to see extent of endo and then may have to go to open, but I have never heard of surgeons not knowing which before...they will usually do laporotamy then if need open surgery will book for a later date.

is it NHS or private?

I think you need to be asking some questions...go to your doc or ask the surgeon and take someone with you to listen as you don't take everything in.

Hope this helps...wishing you all the best.x


Laparoscopy is the keyhole operation (with 3-4 very small incisions).

Laparotomy is an open surgery as they explained to you, when there is major problem and they need more access they have to perform it.

Good luck xx

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Sorry to hear this andypandy, ive had 3 laparotomies, 2 were planned and 1 happened due to a problem whilst they were doing keyhole.

Obviously when they do major surgery they like jojo says have more access to perform what they need to do. Its sometimes easier to do major rather than 3/4 laparoscopies where all they have is the vision from the laproscope.

The biggest thing was me was the recover time from laparotomy, no driving for 6 weeks etc, no heavy lifting (not even the kettle etc).. Al of my scars have healed really well even my emergency one from belly button downwards, i was more scared about having the scars that may be visible rather than what they were actually going to do as i had at that time complete faith in the surgeon.

Perhaps try and speak to someone at the hosptial again and ask them for what they are actually going to do, and the benefits to your health from doing this.

I hope the operation goes well, make sure youve plent of good books and dvds to watch while you recover, take care xx

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Just to say ask the questions before surgery so you can prepare yourself

Thinking of you

Good Luck



Thankyou u all for the replies I'm so scared but I've got lots of questions already written down to ask!x


Hi, I had a laparotomy last year at the same time as a laparoscopy, and that was also for involvement of the ureter. The endometriosis removal was able to be done by keyhole through the tiniest little hole, but it was the urologist who needed to cut me open as they said it is much more difficult to operate on the urinary tract by keyhole. I had to have a section of my ureter cut out and then reimplanted into my bladder. I had a horizontal cut just above my bikini line, just as if I'd had a c-section, and I think the recovery was fairly similar (not that I've ever had a c-section but other people said it was similar). When I woke up I had 2 catheters and a drain - a tube coming out of my side that drains away the fluid from the operation. That came out after a couple of days but the catheters stayed in all the time I was in hospital. I stayed in hospital for 6 days. My abdomen was really sore afterwards and I needed to hold a pillow against it if I needed to cough or sit up, but they encourage you to start moving around as soon as possible. I had the dissolvable stitches which took about 3 weeks to completely go, if I remember rightly. I still have a scar but again, I think it is pretty similar to a c-section scar. I was not able to do anything at all for 6 weeks, no driving, lifting or anything physical at all, then after 6 weeks had to take it easy for another 6 but could drive, go for walks etc.

I hope this helps you. I didn't know for definite beforehand that I was going to be cut open and I would have been terrified had I known in advance, but considering what a major surgery it was, it actually wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined. And since I've recovered I have been so much better, no endo symptoms, I've been more or less normal! So it was well worth it to know that they fixed it all.

I really hope it all goes well for you but make sure they answer all your questions and put you at ease before the op, you don't want to go into it feeling scared and stressed.

Hope this has given you some info and not worried you even more. x

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Morning n a big thankyou to everyone on this site who has taken the time to write back to me, I have just returned home from being in hospital for 8 days! I went last tues to have my laparotomy to wake up to being told I have had a abdominal hystercotomy I was very shocked but glad it's over! But speaking to my consultant he said endo n adynomisosis was so severe that the only option was to remove my womb!

After the shock, I'm very very emotional to say the least, n the pain is gonna sound weird but feel better inside, but excruciating wind pains!!! They also nipped my bowel:-( which couldn't be helped due to everything being stuck together!!

Day 9 now still in a lot ov pain with wind but glad to be home,

I guess the scar(which is from pubic bone to above my belly button) looks awful, BUT IF IM GOING TO BE PAIN FREE!!!!! Then hey a scar is nothing.x

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