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Please help Need advice after lap

Hello everybody

Really need and would appreciate some advice about the treatment and information I received from the the surgeon after my laparoscopy

I had my first diagnostic lap including excision of any endo if found on the 1st of April, the surgeon that did the lap led me to believe she was an endo specialist after I came out of surgery I was told by the nurse my bowel was stuck to something (don't know what) and was cut away, I was put on the recovery ward and the surgeon came in and said I had deep endo nodules to the left of my pouch of douglas, I asked if she had removed it she said no I asked why not ? she wasn't experienced enough to remove it and it was very minimal and not serious and I should not be experiencing anywhere near the pain I have described and most of my symptoms are not related to the deep endo found:

( constant diarrhea, crippling period pain, pain during ovulation, nausea, constant irritation and pain urinating and defecation, deep pain during intercourse, stabbing pains in lower left and right abdomen, deep stabbing pain in anus, lower back pain throughout month and fatigue)

were not endo related and that it had to be something else.

I was also in excruciating pain from the gas and my lower abdomen was on fire and cramping up, the nurses asked if I had a low pain threshold and wouldn't give me any pain relief I was crying and whaling ( i've had broken bones and handled that pain piece of cake so my pain threshold is quite high). The anaesthetist said I would require more pain relief post op than the normal person as I am on DHC nearly everyday but they didn't take any notice of what she said.

The surgeon spoke to me as If I was complaining about nothing then went on to say I would have no issue with fertility ( after 5 years no success) I also asked about my bowel being stuck she had no recollection of that and looked to her colleague and said oh yeah we cut that away, I thought you have just operated on me and can't even recall what you have done to me ??? she also said she couldn't find my cervix is this normal ????? I asked If there would be a follow up appointment and another surgery to remove the deep endo nodules but no nothing the options given to me were:

Have a baby

Go through induced menopause

Pay 100 dollars a month for the mini pill (cerazette)

I had a friend looking after me in recovery ward who has endo as well and couldn't believe what this surgeon was saying, from what I have researched there is no correlation between amount of endo found and the level of pain you experience, also that deep infiltrating endometriosis is supposed to be removed by an experienced endometriosis surgeon ??? Am i wrong??? I'm quite confused on what to think now.

My Gp said all my symptoms are by the book case of endo the surgeon has discredited that.

I have been suffering from anxiety and anger attacks post op and feel very let down and worthless the only thing im happy about is to have an actual diagnosis after 10 or so years of suffering and not being believed

Thank you

Rosie xo

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Hi Rosie, you poor thing, I hope you are recovering well and are not in to much pain,

You are right in saying the level of pain dosnt always relate to the amount of endo,

If I was you I would demand a second opinion, and do your home work on a specialist, are you not in the UK?

You should have your endo removed but defenantly by a specialist,

Good luck and I hope your treatment improves with your next medial professional,



Hi Tboag, thanks for your reply my recovery was a nightmare that trapped gas is hideous !!

Yeah you're right an endo specialist should have handled my case not some surgeon who needs to practice and has no knowledge of this condition.

I really need to get the word out there in my little country where so many doctors just tell you to get on with life and stop whinging I thought everything I experienced was normal part of being a lady and thought how the hell do these ladies go to school and work and have normal lives, now I have a good doc who actually listened and told me crippling/disabling pain is not normal and should not be ignored.

I asked my old doctor when I was about 18 or 19 if I could be referred to a gynaecologist he said no thats something we wouldn't do ( even though I was unable to work properly and had all symptoms of endo and felt there is something not right ) also told this by another doctor so I left it until now, my life is ruled by diarrhea, pain, anxiety, panic attacks and infertility and thinking after surgery my symptoms might improve and provide a little bit of relief but no she just left it all there and basically said you're a liar and it ain't that serious now piss off and get on with life



Hi Rosie - which country are you in? You mention your GP but also dollars?


Hi Lindle I'm in New Zealand I find this site alot more helpful and supportive than the ones here in nz.

Would love to know what your thoughts are on the treatment I received ?? You are such a knowledgeable helpful person!


Hi again Rosie

My first thought is that if a consultant is not 'experienced' enough to tackle a medical problem then how can she be qualified to comment on it at all? For such a clearly unqualified consultant to tell you that deep endometriosis nodules are minimal is a contradiction of terms. Nodules represent long standing endometriosis wrapped in fibromuscular tissue that has taken a long time to develop and form lumps that are likely to be capable of producing a good deal of pain however small because a lot of inflammation will be going on. How she can feel qualified to tell you that these will not cause you pain further confirms what sounds to be a total lack of understanding of endo. To tell you that you will have no trouble with fertility and that you should have a baby is ridiculous and pretty insensitive too for someone with what she has confirmed (by the word nodule) to be long standing endo who has already been trying for 5 years.

Obviously I'm not sure how things work in NZ but the first thing I would do is google her to see her professional profile. I think you will find her to be a general gynaecologist/obstetrician with just the normal general 'interest' in endo that goes with general gynaecology. Then obtain a copy of her report that is sent to your GP to see exactly what she has reported. Do you have access to endo specialist centres as we now have in the UK? As your GP is cooperative I assume you would get a referral from him/her. If not then I should do what I did to find a specialist before we got the BSGE list set up and google things like 'endometriosis specialist', 'endometriosis minimal access surgeon', 'endometriosis advanced laparoscopic excision'- basically anything you can think of to find one. Then check their profile by googling their name.

With regard to this surgeon who has told you all of this I would be inclined to force her to put it in writing by writing to her when you have seen her report, referring to your surgery and wishing to confirm her conversation with you after surgery. Say you were advised that you have deep rectovaginal endometriotic nodules that she was unable to remove due to lack of experience but which she confirms are not serious. Then ask her to confirm to you in writing that these nodules will not infiltrate any of your organs, cannot be responsible for any of your symptoms, especially those involving your bowel and lower back (describe your symptoms), and that they can be safely be left without need for excision. It is very important that this encounter with her is fully recorded in case you need to draw on it in the case of future complications due to her inappropriate care. I think this will put her in a bit of a spot. I should copy the link below and include it with your letter x



Lindle thank you so much for your very detailed answer this has helped me out so much you truly are a value to this community!!

I went and seen my counsellor and she 100% agrees with what you have said :)

My doctors practice is appointment only now and have an appointment tomorrow ( earliest I could get ) I have compiled every fact that contradicts what the surgeon has said as well as your reply and my post. My doctor is a lovely caring person who took all the necessary steps to get me through to surgery quickly and get me fixed up as best they can, so I believe she will be very disappointed with what's gone on she has a very good understanding of endo.

I'm going to get a copy of the surgeons report see what other lies and bull crap she's put in there.

Also I finally found her surgeon profile I will copy and paste so you can have a look over it.

I have felt like utter crap mentally and physically

Once again thank you so much for replying to me with such a detailed response

Surgeon profile;




MB BS 2005 Ncle

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England



Practising certificate

from 11 February 2015 to 30 November 2015



Provisional scope

11 February 2015

Scope of practice

Provisional General

Dr Mather is permitted to practise medicine in Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Canterbury District Health Board under the supervision of Dr Olivia Smart between 11 February 2015 and 30 November 2015.

The purpose of this registration is to enable Dr Mather to complete Council's requirements for registration within the general scope.

Definitions of scopes

Provisional General

All new registrants, regardless of seniority, must work under supervision for at least their first 12 months in New Zealand to become familiar with the culture.

During this time they are registered within a provisional general scope of practice and their performance will be assessed by senior colleagues.

They will be required to complete certain requirements to be registered within a general scope.

The only exception to this supervised period is for New Zealand and Australian graduates who have already completed their internship in Australia.

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Oh my lord, so she was an intern of 6 weeks! So she was supposedly surpervised by Dr Smart. I should direct your letter to her then x

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Hi Rosie - I have quite a lot of thoughts and will get back tonight. x


I'm sorry this happened to you. It doesn't sound right at all!



Thank you Mabes for your concern I'm trying my best to get this sorted and make sure it doesn't happen to someone else


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