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Got results from MRI but what do they mean?!? Has anyone else been through the same that could help me?

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Hi all, so was diagnosed with endo in june by a laparoscopy, was referred to an endo specialist centre n I've had an MRI to see how deep the endo has gone, I know I'm stage 4, so the results said, MRI shows uterus was adenomyosis appearance which means endo in the muscle of womb, both ovaries enlarged with endo, focal thickening of large bowel (which they call) rectosigmoid colon and distal part of the sigmoid colon suggestive of rectovaginal nodule. I'm just wondering what this means for me and has anyone else been through the same and what was the outcome, I'm not going to be seeing anyone till at least February/March at the earliest as they are talking about my case at a MDT meeting then they will speak to me about what is going to happen. Any advice gratefully received.

Thanku x

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I can only say as you already had the lap for findings is that you are dfoz in good hands as your being seen by endo specialist. Whatever they decide they will have a consultation and discuss the options you will then can think about what route you want to go from there.

I had my lap for stage 4 endo in august by a endo specialist, I was diagnosed in Sep 2018. After months of being under the care of gynae wasting time and resulting in me going from stage 3 to 4 I referred myself to endo centre I can say it was the best move. I am now endo free with no pain. My endo definitely did a fantastic job. So please take your time and understand you will have the best options given to you st your next app. x

Thanku for ur message, I'm glad it all worked out for u, I'm now on Morphine, ibuprofen n paracetamol as nothing else is helping with the pain, I'm only taking it so I can get through the working day, thanku for the advice x

Have you tried to just take cocodamol 500mg? As I have had 9 hospital admissions in the last 11months before my surgery nothing worked for me for my flare up but cocodamol worked wonders after surgery for recovery. Also, try and get on evening primrose capsules from Holland and barrett they are really good. Especially for breast pains as I also suffered that. x

Yes I've tried cocodamol, it worked for a while but then wasnt touching the pain, I was on tramadol but even that stopped working, the Morphine take the edge off the pain, I'm now on the depo contraception to try n slow down the growth of the endo, most of my pain is right side, back and down my leg but just recently been going up into my ribs x

Awww I'm sorry I know how that feels. Be careful with tramadol as it also used of depression. Yes I know the pain, my pain is all on the left, lower back, bowel, left thigh and all over pelvis and upper abdomen. I am on microgynon that really helped with flare ups, I had less flare up I would get it every 3 months instead of every month. But now that they have cut away all the endo in my ovary and behind my uterus and bowel I am much more pain free. I have been getting physio for my lower back and that has really helped with the dull stabbing pain in the thigh too.

How are you feeling since lap. Did they cut away all the endo? or do you need more surgery?

Ur pain and symptoms sound very similar to mine, no they didn't do anything except take pictures for the endo specialist to look at and then just referred me over to the endo specialist centre.

Your very lucky to be referred straight to endo I know a lot of woman's on here not aware or can't even get a referral to a endo centre.

yes my pain that I used to suffer I say used to as I am no longer in any pain since surgery in August, was lower back, bowel, pelvis, ovary,uterus, upper abdomen, left thigh. Even worse after I emptied my bladder or my bowel and I walk out the toilet in agony which was strange coz it should have been the other way round pain before emptying. But it's all cleared up after he gave me antibiotics for 7 days and since then now I'm completely pain free.

Before all this I was on a kito diet then 4 months later I had all the symptoms of endo that's when I was diagnosed within 3 days of being in hospital through a transvaginal scan. Which I then had a lap to remove endo after going in for MRI which detected more than a transvaginal scan picked up.

You can also use the comfort of hot water bottle just to numb the pain. Also, deep heat spray for the lower back.

Yes I know I am, but to get my doctors to refer me to gyne I had to tell them I couldn't stand the pain anymore and to refer me for a hysterectomy, if I hadn't said that I think that I boild be still waiting, I read other ladies stories and I do feel one of the lucky ones x

May I ask what we're your symptoms?

Hi, well about 3 half yrs ago I had a miscarriage then all the pains started balloting tummy pain when going to the loo, alot of pain on right and left side but mainly right side, pain in lower back and falls like my hips are trying to escape my body, pain down my right leg, trouble sleeping as the pain was unbearable when laying down, I now have pain in my ribs too, I've been on many different tablets and I'm now on Morphine, I do feel one of the luck ones as I'm now being seen by a specialist but that still takes time, at my worst I was hospitalized, but to get the doctors to believe me I had to tell the to refer me for a hysterectomy as I couldn't stand the pain anymore, sorry for the long reply x

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