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First lap!! Help please!

My first lap is due to take place on June 15th and I was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up of what to expect before and after? How long off work? I'm 19 and I work full time at a nursery so it's quite full on!

I was diagnosed with endo at the beginning of the year. My mum and nan both had it and my mum had ado and had a hysterectomy due to it.

I have always suffered with pain but never thought much of it until I just became fed up with it! Also pain during sex became a thing too! So I had a scan and they found that I have an ovary adhered to my uterus and that is what the lap is for! To remove the endo etc. I also have bowel problems so they suspect I have endo on my bowl. So I may need to carry out another op and see if they can remove what they can etc with a possibility of a bag!

So yeah all very stressful at a young age and would love some advice on lap recovery, what to expect and will I have problems conceiving in the future?!

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Hiya! I'm also 19 and training to be a primary teacher so know how stressful a nursery can be haha! I had my first diagnostic laparoscopy in November and in the end I had to take 3 weeks off of uni and placement as I was just too sore and totally exhausted. It took me ages to get back into a sleeping pattern and the smallest things left me knackered! Everyone heals differently and at different speeds but don't over do it or push yourself to do more because it'll only result in a longer recovery! Take it easy and take all the help you need. If you need a chat then just give me a message! Xx


I start teaching training in September haha! But Thankyou I guess I'll just have to take it easy! Quite comforting to know there are others my age!


Hi, when I had my first lap I didn't know what to expect. I was off work for 2 weeks but I know some women have gone back after a few days. What to expect varies in different people. I found the gas worse, the pain I got with the trapped gas was horrendous so make sure you have peppermint tea, cordial or tablets to hand. I found the tablets worked best. Also I struggled to find a comfortable sleeping position, I ended up sleeping with my knees on the floor and my head on the bed. I had to have help going to the bathroom for the first day as my legs didn't feel like my own. Good luck with your surgery and I hope you get the results you want, even if it is just a little bit of pain relief.



Thankyou for the advice about the tea etc! Xx


I'm a primary school teacher and had my first laparoscopy last Wednesday 20th May. I'm on half term at the moment and had originally planned to go back to work on Monday 1st June.

However, although I have had moments of feeling brilliant since the op, when I venture out or do a bit around the house it leaves me absolutely shattered. I'm going to see my GP today to ask for a note for the beginning of next week off. Then I will have had a fortnight in total off.

Working with small children is exhausting in itself without the added implications of a laparoscopy!


Thankyou so much for the advice it is much appreciated. Hope you get back on your feet ASAP! X


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