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Periods since lap are longer and heavier than before!?!

I'm on my 3rd period following a lap and it's worse every time. I thought it would be shorter, less pain and less heavy but it's the opposite! I'm popping transamic acid but it's having no effect. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm off work AGAIN and so low... Also does having a child guarantee pain free periods? Please help!

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im sorry to hear youre off work and unwell :( no idea about the transamic acid, but depending on when your last lap was maybe its temporary?heavy bleeding is never good though so maybe check with your GP or consultant if things dont improve. if its a long term problem then i recommend trying the mirena. i had terrible periods after my first lap (similar to what you are describing) and they were so heavy i could bleed through a towel and clothing in an hour. it was literally ruining my life. i dont know if its related to the lap but thinking back mine coincided to my first lap as you are describing. anyway, if it remains a problem try the mirena coil. i had this put in 2 years ago and i only get spotting for a week each month now- no periods. still get the cramping and other nasty endo/period side effects but minimal bleeding. i'd never be without it from that perspective. it makes life a lot easier. although i cant say it does anything for other aspects of endo so dont rely on it as a treatment . and definitely something to research before commiting as its not without side effects and is VERY painful to have put in. but if the bleeding is a problem its probablyt something to consider xx


Thanks it's my 3rd period since 2nd lap so I'm surprised why they're so bad. I tried the coil but I couldn't handle it as I'm allergic to hormones! Glad it's working for you though ! X


:( poor you. well ya i wouldnt say the coil works for me ;) only for the bleeding aspect, but ya im glad that at least i have relief from one aspect of endo. you poor thing. definitely push the GP or gynae to try something to stop the bleeding. that will leave you feeling exhausted and vulnerable to infection. its hard enough to work, and live a normal life with endo without that on top of everything. i really feel for you. hope things improve soon. sorry i couldnt help more :( xxx ps sorry about posting it multiple times. oopsie


Have you tried the magnet ?

It is sold in boots and help with periods bleeding.

You could also try to watch what you eat before your period like cut on caffeine , dairy ... To see if it helps .

Take care xx


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