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Daily Spotting for Months since Coil & Lap

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Hey ladies,

I'm having a terrible time 😞 In Nov 16, I had my third laparoscopy and cystoscopy (where endo was found and removed) and whilst having the lap, my surgeon inserted the mirena coil. However, since February I have been having daily 'spotting'. I'll have one or two days of no spotting but the rest I'm either spotting or on a period. Unfortunately because of this, I've been experiencing horrible endo pain 😞 I don't know what to do.

I also forgot to add that I have an implant in my arms too. My doctor is thinking about removing my implant and putting me on a combined pill to stop the bleeding.

I'm just so fed up 😞 And I'm sorry if this post doesn't make any sense, thanks to endo pain I've had to take my tramadol and morphine x

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I had this problem with Mirena. My bleeding went on for over 8 months then I had it removed. Thankfully the continual bleeding has stopped now but my periods are heavy again. Going to have hyst. I was asked to try to keep the Mirena for at least six months to give it chance to settle down but it didn't unfortunately. I also had horrible mood changes with mine xxx

BerryBlitz in reply to Hidden

Thank you for replying Hun and I'm sorry to hear you had no luck on the mirena too and had 8 months of bleeding! I'm also sorry to hear you've been having heavy bleeding and will be having a hysterectomy.

I'm wondering whether to ask to remove the coil instead of the implant but I'm a little nervous, does it hurt when they remove the coil and what's it like afterwards?! Is there a chance my periods will become heavier?

Hidden in reply to BerryBlitz

I had mine removed when I was under general so I don't know if there's any discomfort. I certainly didn't have any after. I had some bleeding initially and then 2 weeks later a very heavy period. I'm glad I had it removed because it wasn't right for me at all xxx

Heloo85 in reply to BerryBlitz

I had a copper coil fitted when i was younger and i cant remember it being painful to remove at all. For some reason as ive got older i seem to react badly to hormonal contreception. Granted ive only tried the mini and combined pill but like you each time its caused months of spotting then return of endo pain. In fact i was hospitalized 3 days after packing my mini pill in for endo pain! Im infertile so its not like i need contreception. So ive given it up fully! Not sure my gynae will be happy when i see him next week πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I had my lap and coil I first week of December. I just about made 5 months. I was the lucky third that had my periods stop which happened after 6 weeks of non stop bleeding. I was told a third just spot all the time and a third continue with normal periods. Sadly the presence of my coil caused daily pain so I had to give up.

Removal was painful but over incredibly quick. Take paracetamol beforehand to help.

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