Constipated since lap 😩

Any tips/advise to get things moving without taking more meds? 

I normally go to the loo a couple of times a day, but since Wednesday only twice. Having a lot of pain from one of the entry sites (just above left hip) and feel the stitch pulling, even worse when going to the loo. 

I've not had this problem with my other laps, could it be the hospital used some meds I've not had before? 

Sorry if to much info, but starting to feel sick from the pain of not having a poo 😐

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  • Hi Hun, they may have had to handle bowel which can have this effect. I had this problem after my op. Try drinking warm prune juice, and I know it not nice but a couple of teaspoons of olive oil. The prune juice will help you go and the olive oil will help lubricate. Also try camomile and spearmint tea to help soothe digestive system. Good luck and wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Thanks, I'll give the olive oil a go first as I've got that in the house! Will get the other half to take me to the shop later for some juice. I'm willing to try anything but would rather avoid yet more meds!! 


  • I know what you mean. I'd tried all sorts of laxatives suppositories you name it. Switch to the prune juice and olive oil and found things  better. If they don't help try adding a magnesium supplement or milk of magnesia.

  • Hi Hun how are you doing today?

  • Hi Jean, still not much in the way of 'movement' 😟

    Tried all the juices and olive oil etc but nothing so ended up getting some Senokot and took that last night... So far nothing this morning 😒

    I have everything crossed tho! 


  • Bless you. I know exactly what you're feeling. The morphine and codeine makes you constipated. After returning to the hospital with similar complaints they prescribed Buscopan Lactulose and advised me to stay on top of the pain relief. I was told to return if there was no change. I took codeine and paracetamol as prescribed for a further week ... I juiced using a nutribullet ... 50%greens 50% fruit with water to blend ... 2litres of volvic a day plus that Lactulose tastes awful but worked a treat. The relief was a blessing. 

    Unfortunately you may encounter many variations of the Bristol poo chart but any motion is a good emotion. 

    The best advice I can give is to keep moving, the best you can. Once you feel it coming DON'T STRAIN! It will get easier.

    I almost forgot. ... Peppermint tea helped immensely! 

    Good Luck!! 

  • You could buy a laxative. I normally go for the senokot liquid, that way I can have a little less. So I would take a little and it would soften things up!

  • Co-codamol can make you constipated if you're taking that? I decided not to take mine as it has made me constipated in the past, I just took the strong nurofen instead and I managed to open my bowels about 2 days after my lap. I also drank plenty of fluids, water and squash is best. Hope this helps and that you have a speedy recovery xxx

  • How are you feeling today ✊πŸ’₯πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ‘€πŸ™

  • EndoMe yes I am finally free!!! 😊

    Nothing worked, not even Senokot, I believe I finally have movement as I'm due my period in the next day or so (always loosens me up πŸ˜•) but either way I don't care as the extreme pain in my stomach has gone.... Yay me!!! 

    Thanks to everyone for the advise/ideas and asking how I'm doing!!! 


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