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Can lap trigger worsening endometriosis? Or can recovery take longer than 3 months?


Hi . I am having worse pain after lap than I ever had. I'm 3 months post lap.

I'm 42 and had the lap due to infertility, endometrioma and was told I had hydro salpinx. . Also I was starting to miss period cycles. I had various pains for years. Some severe. Mostly bowel related and more recently ovulation pain. All my pain was manageable. I was having surgery for infertility not pain. I was only just diagnosed age42.

During the lap. They found kissing ovaries. Cysts on both ovaries. Lots of endo and severe rectal vaginal endo. Lots of adhesions and a hood of adhesions over whole pelvis. In summary deep and severe endometriosis.

He fixed what he could, but left the rectal vaginal endo as too risky to address.

Post lap, I had a drain site hernia that needed repair.

Since surgery, my bowels working better than ever and periods are regular.

However, I have huge problem with new pain. I have constant pain and burning over bladder area. I have severe rectal and back pain. My tummy feels full and heavy. .the last period , 3rd since surgery was very painful.

I've seen the doc, ultra sound normal. Next review in 1 year.

Has lap triggered worsening endometriosis for anyone? ?

I wish never had the lap. I'm off work. Not able to exercise with comfort and obviously still not pregnant.

So now I'm childless and in poor health.

Might I still recover?

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Hi Teresa,

I am so sorry to hear about your pain! I must say, I had terrible, uncontrollable, excruciating pain that started 3 weeks after surgery until about 3 months later.

I also thought something was terribly wrong, I thought the Dr had done something wrong.

I also kept feeling that I had a constant bladder infection. I had 2 rounds of antibiotics, and it went away for a bit but came back and wouldn't leave. I did some research, and because of all the invasive surgery it can cause irritation to your bladder. Also all the medicine and especially the catheter they put in.

I use a plant called Kefir, we put in a big jug of water on the windowsill to let it "grow"

You can buy it at a local health shop or online, but don't grow it in milk, use water

I drink about 1/2 to a full glass once per week, and it has cured my bladder infection!

Then, regarding the pain. I think you have something called long-term post-operative pain, or Postoperative neuropathic pain (PONP)

This is what I think I had, and once I understood that my body needs time to heal, I tried to relax and manage the pain. Every surgery has it's complications and side effects, we have no idea what muscles or nerves were damaged during the surgery.

I hope this helps you a bit, it helped me. I am now 5 months post-op and I still have pain now and then, but it's much better than it was. In relation to my terrible periods, cramps, bowel problems, hormonal issues caused by the cyst, etc, I am not sorry that I had the operation. My life is a 100times better now.

Good luck to you!

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Hi EndoZee,

Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply. I was at end of on tether with worry that I was alone with prolonged post lap pain.

I feel much better having read your reply and more hopeful. Thankyou for the tips and links.

It sounds like we had very similar pain especially the bladder thing. I too got an antibiotic which helped short term only.

I feel more hopeful now.

It's such a lonely condition really and last night was the first night I ever posted to a forum. I can't believe how much better I feel knowing I'm not alone and there's light at the end of the tunnel.


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:-) No problem, hang in there

It took a good six months for me to recover from my lap so hang in there!

Hi Bunny,

Thank you. It's good to hear there's light at end of tunnel and I'm not alone in slow recovery.

Thank you


Hi, I am sorry to hear you are in pain...

I was also diagnosed at age 42 and have had 3 laps all tighter.

Recovery can take long but also, I am wondering if your consultation has seen any sign of Endo on your bladder area. Also, maybe rectal vaginal Endo may cause such pain?

Maybe worth asking her/him your questions.

Also, there might be someone else who can handle recto vaginal Endo, your consultant can make a referral?

I tend to bypass my GP and contact my consultant’s secretary which can take a very long time to get me an appointment but eventually I had appointments and had another lap recently.

When I had an MRI after a major surgery 3 years ago, nothing showed so my consultant thought I should just live as it was. However, I managed to get onto a waiting list for another lap. Which showed further adhesions including recto vaginal area and new growth of Endo. What I have done is to explain what I am suffering from and made suggestions to remove Endo and some organs. Not all requests and suggestion are taken on board, of course.

Nobody seems to want to help me so I find I need to voice my concerns and act upon what I want to have things done for me.

Hope you can get some support from your GP or consultant.

If not, maybe try to find a consultant who might be able to help...

Good luck, and hope things will be better.

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Hi AkiBoo,

Thankyou for reply. . You sound like you are having a terrible time yourself too.

As far as I know, I don't have endo on the bladder. .

I do have severe recto vaginal endo. . The thing is. It didn't give me any pain pre op. .

To be honest, I'll never go under the surgeons knife again. . It's risky business.

I just hope my pain settles. . I'll try natural remedies and some helpful suggestions from lady above.

I used to run marathons, triathlons , surf, work full time.(All with severe endometriosis, which I didn'tknow I had)

Now I'm a shadow of myself since the surgery.

I'm going to rely on time to heal and natural remedies .

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Hi, Tetesa36

Yes, eating good food, having stressless life and exercising is my first remedy as well.

I cycle a lot so hopefully, I can get back onto my bike soon.

Yes, it takes time to heal, I took 3 months off work after the last surgery.

I am hoping I can get back to work sooner this time.

But as you say, keeping my job is tricky, I cannot work full time and I don't want to work so much.

Take care, and hope you will get better!

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Thanks AkiBoo. . Good luck too with recovery and I hope you get back on the bike soon 🚵‍♀️🚵‍♀️🚵‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Hi Teresa!

I had my lap in September and I am only now starting to feel better. Pain in the lower back has been a constant and I have even had 2 ultrasounds done as I was 100% sure I had cysts again, since the pain was so bad.

I went to see my doctor two weeks ago and was finally released back to the care of my gp, after all tests came fine. I wish they had told me that pain would be normal for so long, I have spent a lot of this time worrying and feeling very pessimistic. I feel much better now that I know endo has not come back, and that I am (almost) pain free.

Wishing you a speedier recovery and all the best

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Hi Ana,

Thank you so much. These replies have really helped me. . I'm getting so worried. In fact my family are more worried wondering how I can go from so active to constantly complaining of pain and needing to lie down .

It is reassuring to know you took so long to recover but made great recovery.

I agree. I wish we were told it can take time.

I'll still definitely never go near a surgeons knife again and just hope I recover from this like you have.

Thank you so much.

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