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One week since lap!!

Hi all! So it's one week since my lap, i had hoped to be back teaching by yesterday but lets just say i was being too ambitious!! Im still in quite a bit of pain don't know if im doing things too soon! I was pushing a trolley around Tesco last night and then was in agony with a sore belly button later on! Every time i stand up i feel like my belly button is being pulled the other way, did anyone else have this? Had a period too, and that was close to a full on massacre sorry for tmi! Im still very bloated and swollen, could this have anything to do with having adhesion's removed from bowel/womb??

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Hi I went back to work a week after lap and I know my belly was still bloated and that pulling heavy feeling sound same as me I only did 4 hours and had to go home to bed it completely exhausted me. I felt better but my body definately reminded me quite soon I wasn't ready. I had another couple of days off then sat a lot and didn't do too much no heavy lifting or standing too long made me really ache. My first period arrived the week after op so didn't help as was more painful than normal and by the weekend I was exhausted. I'm now over 3 Weeks after op and had stitches out last week as were feeling really tight and that really helped. I'm still on lots of painkillers but was before op so I'm now back to where I was before as didn't do much but just keep up with painkillers and keep resting as much as you can I would have liked another week off. I got to work and managed but I'm sure I over did it which is why I say have as much rest as you can. I'm self employed so had no choice but if you can wait till your feeling stronger. I only hoovered last night and pain really kicked in so know I still need to not over do it! You will improve every day and hope your pain eases soon x


I think you're being incredibly ambitious. You will still have a lot of internal healing and bruising. I'm a TA im Foundation Stage there was no way I was going back until fully fit. I had my lap on Nov 26 and returned after Christmad. Kids are so unpredictable it only takes one to run into you. I didn't feel emotionally ready either. I love my job and hated being away so long but your body is telling you that it's a no go at the moment! Take care of yourself J x


I would also agree that one week isn't really long enough after a lap. I'm four weeks post op and I can honestly say its only yesterday that I felt more like me, I'm no better pain wise, in more pain than pre op to be honest but they couldn't remove any of my endo or adhesions, said too extensive and put me on waiting list for full hysterectomy. I've been very emotional but I think thats trying to get head around being diagnosed and trying to work out next stage as I'm not sure I'm ready for the removal of ovaries yet. One of my scars didn't heal too well either but it's getting there now, I've been bleeding for six weeks non stop now too lol as was on period before lap, bled since and then a period last week, I think it all just gets to you in the end so yes I think we are a bit too ambitious, we hear of people that are back to work in three days or within a week, thats fine for them, but we are all different and must listen to our bodies. I've stopped beating myself up about work and exercise, and am building up to it slowly, doing what I can, as dealing with the extra pain I've had, which has caused even less sleep than normal, I started amitriplyn on the weekend and I've actually got some sleep and I feel so much better this week - take it easy, you will have ups and downs as its still early days for you - take care xx


Yeah I think my body is probably telling me to relax! I have a sick note for two weeks but was hoping to be back on Thursday but I think I need to just chill out!! I have a belly button full of stitches so very painful! I'm just waiting for my follow up appointment as he said I had lots of adhesions joining my bowel and womb just not sure what that actually means! thanks for allyyour messages think I need to enjoy my rest!! xx


Hi Natalie, I had my lap a week ago too. I was recovering really well and I've been relaxing and hardly doing anything but the past 2 days I've felt like I'm in labour (I've had a baby before so I know what contractions feel like!) And I think its cos I've reduced my painkillers right down? Cos for the first week I was doing paracetamol and nurofen tag teaming and now I just have paracetamol at night.

I'm going to see my gp today for a check up and to get the pill because I am gonna give that a go to control my endo. The hospital gave me a fit note for a week so I'm gonna ask my gp for another one today cos I am not fit to be returning to work just yet. My bellybutton is very red and the one on my bikini line keeps stinging

The only endo symptom that I've never had is problem with my actual period bleeding. I come on on the 25th of every month and I have average bleeding for 5 days (although with clots). I am however panicking abt this months because of them messing around inside me :(



I think surgeons are often overly optimistic when they tell you how quick you are likely to recover. It will depend upon what you actually have done as a lap is just the method of op, they can just have a look around or they might do some excision etc.

My first lap was supposed to be just a look around but I ended up black and blue and swollen. They said a week to ten days. I was off for 3 weeks. The anaesthetic can knock you for six. Took me while to regain my energy - possibly because I am getting older :)

Second investigatory lap with a different surgeon was much better and I was ready to go back to work within 2 weeks.

Third time was for radical excision (7.5 hour surgery) and I was told 2 - 4 weeks - it took 7 to 8 to feel really on the road to recovery. Yes I was up and about and out to the supermarket or round to visit family in that time but I was not fit enough to re-join the commuting throngs and long hours at work.

I think they consider you doing the washing up and cleaning the sink as being recovered. I think you just need to take as much time as you feel you reasonably need.

Lots of love x


my first official day back to work this morning, and boy am i feeling rough now. I'm a hairdresser, all i've done is a full head of foils and a cut, standing about 2 hours total, but with a rest in between whilst colour taking, client washed her own hair, i felt rough all way through doing it, my head is fuzzy from pain killers i think, and my left back, hip and leg have been (still are) agony, and i'm fit to drop now, how ridiculous!!! i feel such an idiot that this mere amount of activity would make me feel like this, hopefully it will get easier and i can get back to more than one client at a time xx


Thanks everyone! Been to GP today and he has assured me i need to take the full two weeks off and not rush back into things! So i will be back at school Monday! Being a teacher in a KS1 class means lots of bending down and small chairs, and at the minute im not too sure i'm ready for all that yet! I had stopped taking painkillers because i thought i was popping too many, but doctor has told me to keep topped up as i want to be able to manage my pain properly! Here's to a few more rest days!



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