worse since lap

I'm wondering if I can ask some advice. I had my first lap I'm February and was diagnosed with endometriosis and was riddled with it. since then the pain has got worse and lasts longer then before. the pain is unbelievable and the pain killers are not working and it's rinning my life for five days a month. has anyone else experienced this after a lap?any advice would be greatly appreciated coz none of my friends and family understand xx

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  • Hi - where was your endo found, what was done at the lap and was it in general gynaecology?

  • my endo was found behind my left and right ovary and also spread to me bladder. they cut it all away as I was riddled with it. I think it was general gynaecology

  • Hi - if it was in general gynaecology it is likely that it was ablated (burned) rather than cut out (excised). If they said you were riddled with it then it is very likely that you have it in other places that were missed. I strongly suggest you request referral to a specialist centre - where in the UK are you?

  • Yes I had my lap in January , my pain during sex became less intense but was still quite bad, and I had more symptoms and longer lasting pain with sex than before, more random lower abdominal pain , pain during bowel movements and more pain during my periods, I'm waiting to see my consultant again , my surgeon is a specialist , I had my endo excised, I have no idea why it hurts more, the specialist nurse said more healing time, this was a couple of months ago, so I've booked again, definatley talk to your consultant , they think mine is possibly coming back all ready :( x

  • that is what I am scared of too that mine is coming back already and after 17 years of suffering you just want it to end don't you.

  • My pain was a lot worse after surgery and really felt down for a long time! Everyday i had pain and this been for longer then half a year.

    I started with CBT therapy to help with my thoughs and i started simple yoga exercises, and it seems to help with my pain and feeling better about myself and my body. Not everyday is good, but it is improved.


  • I think I may do that. feel really low with it and though I have amazing friends and family they don't really understand what it is like.

  • Know the feeling. You dont want to say everyday that you feel pain or feel low, because people dont know what to say to you anymore.

    It is hard, because there is not much information about it and the symptoms can be quite vague.

    I hope it gets sorted for you. I know how horrible it can be!!


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