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Second Lap

Hi All,

I hope my message finds most of you not feeling too rubbish today, unlike myself!

I am 24, have had endo since the age of 12 and was diagnosed with a firsy lap at 19, they found a small amount on my ovary which they left and fitted a mirena coil. I was seeing improvement in my pain (though not pain free) for about the first 2 years but still had the fatigue and other symptoms so I was also put on the Cerazette pill. I continued to go to my Gynae appointments as my condition started getting quite bad again and asked if there was anyway they could have another look to see if it had spread and also if I had any on my bowel. I was fobbed off and told I was too young and had too much bowel to check so I had given up going for about the last year or so.

I started to attend my local support group which has helped me so much and the ladies there suggested I see a diffrent consultant at another Trust. My GP kindly referred me and I had my appointment on Friday. I was slightly worried when a male registrar saw me but he was brilliant! He has suggested I have my second lap and they will laser anything they find. I am so grateful that I am finnaly being listened to!

Sorry for babbling I am just so shocked that someone took any notice! My questions is: my first lap was quite pain free but then they just 'had a look' this time they will be lasering some endo off so I am a bit apprehensive. Can anyone give me any advice or experience between their laps?


Trinket :-)

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Congrats on getting your lap! :)

Everybody is different, depending on the amount and location removed. It also depends on if you happen to have a period during recovery - I had one a few weeks after the op and it was a really bad one, but if you are on the implant then hopefully that won't happen!

The big thing I found, op wise, was the constipation - definitely recommend getting some senna tablets!x


Thanks cloudyrain. Lol my mum was laughing at me and said I'm the only person she knows that would be happy to have an op!

I'm just slightly worried as my work colleague has the 2 weeks after off as leave so I will have to recover in a week or I'm in trouble..


ahh im having the same thing. i went to see the gynae and like u suspected it has spred and now theyre doing a second and lasering out what they find.im nervous too.xx


Fingers crossed a week will be time enough to recover, it was for me when I had my first lap and I understand the pressure you're under as I was starting a new job exactly a week after my op. I also had to have an ultrasound 4 days after surgery by which time the bruising on my abdomen had come out in fab shades of blue and green. The sonographer was horrified until I explained I'd just had a lap done!

So you should be fine but remember to take things as easy as you can when you return to work and try to get plenty of rest :)


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