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Lap next week

I am having my 3rd lap (just exploratory) next Tuesday. I got a phone call from the hospital and there was an cancellation and I suddenly get an appointment of lap. I have been having my chronic pelvic pain more than 10 years and had lap in 2006 and 2011(both just looking). Neither of the times endo wasn't found, well it wasn't suspected before so they weren't looking for it(?)

Since then I had Zoladex and during those months my pain was improved so they are suspecting endo. I have bleeding(freash red blood) with bowel movement only during my period. Sometimes blood on my poo... I have small piles but it wasn't bleeding from it (told by GP). I had MRI around my bowel area and the consultant said he didn't find any endo in my bowel. Can you see endo by MRI?

At 2011 lap they found dense adhesion in my right pelvic area where I get pain. They were suspecting endo between the adhesion.

I am having breathing difficultly and chest and upper back pain with my period. It is getting really bad last few months. Last one was really bad breathing problem. Just talking made me out of breathe. I finished my period for this month a few days ago and now I can run upstairs with no problem. My GP think I may have endo on my diaphragm.

I am going to tell all about this at my pre assessment tomorrow but do you have any advice? I am a bit panicy as this lap came too sudden. Well I have been waiting for a long time though but I was told it would be in November!

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Try not to worry Hun the sooner they get in and find out what's going on the better, I went to c my consultant and she told me there is a waiting list so I said ok, I got a phone call 3 days later asking me to go in the following Monday, I was abit nervous at how quick it came round but I was also glad to b getting it over and done with, hope everything goes ok xx


Thank you Keepy123. Today I went to pre-assessment and hopefully I will be having a lap on Tuesday. I have anaetheitic problem so it is all depends on it.

I was trying to confirm with senior nurse what exactly am I going to be checked as I wanted to know if I have endo in between the adhesion and bowel (which was suspected in the lap 2011), if I have endo in my diaphragm (suspected by GP and I have chest and back pain and breathlessness during my period) and if I have adenomyosis of uterus (told by a doctor in Japan and match my symptom a lot). But every time I ask if my consultant can check this during the lap, the nurse keep asking me if I am not sure if I want to postpone the op. If I postpone this lap I am told it will be in the end of December (if I am lucky).

I have been ringing my consultant secretary and the line is always on answering machine. I leave a message to ring me back but I never get a call back. All I can do now is try ringing tomorrow and Monday. Tell at the hospital just before my op!?

I hope my diaphragm will be looked at as my chest and back pain and breathing during my period are getting worse. My GP has written to the secretary and the nurse at the preassessment had that letter so I can only hope now.

I had to give up fulltime job and now works half of the hours. My manager is taking some of the workload and I feel so bad. I should be grateful that I won't be that busy doing fulltime work at part time hours. But I feel so sad and miserable. I just blame my hormone. It shouldn't be though I just finish my period a few days ago and will have ovulation pain soon...

Anyway take care.


Aww u sound very fed up with it all, when u go in on the day to have the surgery u will meet the surgeon and u can put all the questions to him b4 I go to theatre, if it helps write it all down b4 u go, then u know what I want to ask, hope everything gets sorted 4 u xx


Yeah I think I have to do that. Now I have to concentrate to prepare for the after operation as well. Tidy up the house and food shop for my family for a week.

Thanks for your reply. I hope you are better.

Take care.


Hi Shukudai,

Hope did the lap go?

Hope you're feeling better x


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