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Lap nerves!

Hello I was wondering if anyone could calm my nerves?!

My first lap is on Monday. I have endo and have suffered since I was around 12-13 years old. I'm now 19 and unfortunately the endo has caused one of my ovaries to adhere to my uterus. So the op is the help relieve that and remove any endo they can. They also think it could have spread to my bowel so it's also an explorative lap too. Has anyone had the same problems and if so how did it go for you? If it has gone to my bowel that means a second op and possibility of a bag which I really don't want!

Any help/advice on how your laps went/recovery/what to expect/same problems would be lovely!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, had my lap yesterday. Went in yesterday morning, answered all the normal health questions changed into my gown and (not so) sexy stockings and waited. About 11 they came and wheeled me down and before I knew it I was asleep. I woke up about 3.5 hours later a bit uncomfortable and with a sore throat but was ok.

After that I went back on to the ward where they rung my husband and he came in. I went home at just gone 7pm after I proved I wasn't sick and was able to go to the toilet.

I did have morphine as the cramps felt bad but I'm managing now.

Any other questions please ask xx


Thank you so much! At least I know what to expect now :) x


No worries, it was the worst part not knowing what to expect. I had to be there at 7.45am so it was a wait. I recommend you have something to entertain yourself and take your mind off it x


Thank you! Putting my mind at ease! X


My diagnostic lap is on Monday as well

It's not my first keyhole surgery so I kind of know what to expect but still got slight nerves

If you have any questions just ask the nurses they are always helpful and remember the op is to help

Wishing u a good op and quick recovery


How are you doing?! Hope all went well today!


Ah it's a long story and although the Scan showed a stuck ovary which they believe was caused by endo they couldn't find anything?!!! Two senior endo consultants believed and confirmed the finding via a scan yet when I had the lap nothing! I'm at a wits end! I don't understand how it can be so wrong? I'm not even sure if they conducted it as the doctor I met and spoke to before the lap was one I've never seen before so very confused. I'm in a lot of pain and just want answers! My follow up is within 6 weeks and I'm desperate to find out what exactly is going on! Seems like o have a long road ahead of me. Defo would like a second opinion and another scan to see what exactly is going on! Thank you for asking and sorry for ranting! I feel like a mad women have hardly slept as well due to stress and pain haha!


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