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Lap madness

Hi guys

Just had my first lap - found out stage 3. Endo has stuck ovary to bowel, all over uterus with fun fibroids and over other ovary with cysts.

My bladder has stopped working, so still in hospital ! Writing this post from a ward I Manchester ! Great care here. But under my tummy is black and blue? I think they might be a bit rough?

I am very disappointed that they did not take any endo out. Because they said my bowel had not had bowel prep.

Tummy very swollen, painful, bladder not functioning and endo still in there! Lessons to be learned here I feel!!! Infact I feel I've been through all this and for what? To realise I've got a bit more endo than I thought!

Anyway feeling low now but tomorrow is another day to think about what's next?! X

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Hope you are doing ok. Yes I can see how you would feel like its all a bit madness, unfortunately that's the nature of diagnostic laps, its diagnostic not operative so they will leave anything major endo or complicated as that's not the purpose of that lap and they don't have the theatre time allocated to do anything substantial at the time. Anyone on here who had stage 3/4 found in a diagnostic lap will have had the same thing, where you need later surgery to go in and sort out what was found. With your bowel this is important as they are right not to touch it if you haven't had bowel prep and you may well also need an endo specialist colorectal surgeon to attend the surgery - not very many of these so would be very difficult to track one down mid way though a 20min diagnostic lap. Also gives you the chance to make sure that the surgeon to remove the endo is an actual endo specialist surgeon - regular gynaes are ok for diagnostic laps but not good enough to surgical remove stage 3/4 endo.

I hope you start to feel better soon and your bladder issues get sorted so that you can go home x

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Thanx so so much I'm in car on my way home now! You've helped me xxx


Glad to hear you are on your way home, hope you have a speedy recovery, just remember to take things slow and not rush things x


Are you feeling sore ,I've got mine on the 19th of this month


Yes! My tummy is black under my tummy. But feeling better every day. Just dreading next operation ! Good luck with yours tell them to try not to be too rough under tummy button !!! Not sure they will take notice but you never know. X


Hope you feel better soon. I had a lap back in January. They did treat some of my endo but as they found it was stage four I have more treatment to come as well. I agree that it does feel really disappointing though.....it took me a while to get my head around the facts that I had endo in the fiirst place, and that they couldn't deal with it in one go! I guess that is the nature of the beast! Take it easy and look after yourself


Thanx so much:) how is yr endo doing now? Ps I'm lying on the sofa with a cuppa feeling very sorry for myself! X


Hi Again Charliechocolate! Look after yourself :-) I've been advised to take the pill continuously and up my pain medication to see if I can avoid further surgery. I'm not sure if that will work....gynae seemed doubtful but If itdoesn't work I will be trying zoladex with a view to having a hysterectomy. Those options scare me so I'm hoping for the best and researching as much as I can about my options. Did they tell you what your next moves are? Hope you are soon out of pain....be kind to yourself...it does take a while to get back to normal. I was surprised by how emotional I felt about it all x


I didn't think of it being like that,you wouldn't think they would be so rough,just imagined the cuts to be sore,will I need time of work,just thought that was incase you felt bit rough xxxxx


I would definitely take a week or two off work - I feel terrible but it has only been four days. Everyone is different - but they do move things around and lift the womb etc - I'm sure it varies from person to person - take time to recover and relax is my advise. X


Thanks they will have a moan but that should be fine having time off anyway,have needed a break so some relax time would be great ,thanks and hope you feel better xxxx


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