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Second lap and mirena coil being fitted this week. Anyone else had adhesions removed from their bowel?

I am booked in for my second lap on Thursday. I had one earlier in the year which was just for investigation. Nothing was done at the time, although they were able to diagnose endo.

Since being diagnosed I have been transferred to a specialist outside of the area and am pleased with his approach to my condition. I have had to wait a long time for my next op but hope that I will be relieved of the pain I currently suffer on a daily basis.

My concern is that it appears that the endo has grown around my large bowel. This has caused the bowel to twist and is the source of my pain. Has anyone else had endo removed from their bowel? I am quite nervous about what could happen and what condition my bowel will be in after all these months without treatment. My symptoms have definitely gotten worse and this worries me a great deal.

I would be really grateful for any advice any of you ladies can offer.

Thanks and best wishes to you all xx

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I just wanted to say hi, I can't really offer any advice at the mo but I am in the same position as you. I'm having another lap on Friday to unstick my bowel and uterus and remove endo/adhesions on bowel and share your concerns.

Fingers crossed for both of us x


Wishing you the best of luck for your op xx


Hi I had endo/adhesions removed from my bowel 11 days ago along with a vaginal dissection, it's still early days so I can't say if its worked yet as everything is still settling down from the surgery and having a few bad days. I spent years being fobbed off being told my bowels weren't involved and it was just nerves making my toilet habits erratic and painful, so was quite relieved when the surgeon told me after surgery he'd been shocked at how bad it was, felt like I was finally believed. Good luck to you with your op and take things steady afterwards because it certainly knocks it out of you xx


Cmg1978 - I hope you're feeling much better soon. I know that I have to be prepared for the recovery and try not to expect the surgery to be miracle op :) Thanks so much for your advice xx


Thanks for your replies ladies. I really do appreciate talking to people who have been through or are going through the same as me. My husband has been very supportive but cannot imagine how bad the pain really gets at times.

I have been off work poorly for over 7 1/2 months now (although problems must have started sometime before this). I cannot wait for the op to be done but have to keep reminding myself that it isn't going to be a miracle cure. xx


You're welcome, one little bit of advice don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to both before and after the surgery, and don't be afraid to ask again if you're not happy with the answers. My husband has been really supportive this time which is good because Its been a struggle this time but they can never truly appreciate the pain we suffer. I really hope you get some relief and help from the op, let me know how you get on x


I had a lap done about 3 weeks ago and it had to b abandoned coz he couldn't get the cameras in where my belly button is, just remember the surgeon saying u will need a big op, but I was still out of it, had to make an emergency app with gyny climic 2 week ago but the consultant wasn't mine so she said she wouldn't get involved only thing she did say was my bowel was stuck to everything, and I'm really confused don't really understand, I might sound abit daft but I don't understand it at al, my follow up with my consultant is on 18th this month


Good luck. Hope they manage to get it sorted out for you x


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